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by Fran O'Reilly October 19, 2017

Being a male, my wife usually gets frustrated with some of my so called 'bad habits' I have, and voices her disapproval of them at any given opportunity she finds. Whilst many of them I find to be pretty humorous, although my dear good lady would beg to differ.

Today, I wanted to focus on some of the more common bad habits that many men usually have that might drive our better halfs insane with frustration, as we begin today's blog topic, titled 5 Bad Habits Most Bearded Men Usually Have...


Biting my fingernails has always been a terrible habit of mine that I have had from a very young age. And not only do I bite them off, I usually end up leaving them on the arm of my chair, or better still the corner of the coffee table for my wife to find them. I know, I'm a terrible person. 

Not only are my fingernails chewed to bits, as a kid my toenails were also in the line for a jolly good chewing. Granted that sounds absolutely disgusting however you choose to look at it, but being the filthy man I am, I have a funny suspicion I am not alone in owning such a party trick, am I right gents? Aha, I thought so!


As a kid, I am fairly certain everyone of us picked our noses at some point or another? As females grow and begin to mature, as I like to call it 'nose fishing' usually becomes a thing of the past, as our lovely ladies are far too prim and proper to continue on with such filthy habits. Whereas us men tend to just get better at such filthy skills to perfection.

On the school playground as kids we even made rhymes like - 'Pick it, lick it, roll it, flick it!' which still remains in the back on my mind to this very day, and although I don't pick my nose very often, it's still a skill I use occasionally. Men also seem to think that once they are behind the wheel of a car, whilst stuck in traffic they become magically invisible and go to town on digging out those boogers. We can still see you mister!

Now, choosing to eat it is a whole different ball game, one that is vile, disgusting, but some men still do it! I see you Mr train passenger! You filthy rotter, you!


I for one am very much guilty of this next bad habit choice, the trimming ones beard and leaving the stubble hairs anywhere and everywhere in the bathroom. Usually a quick rinse of the water doesn't clear out those tiny hairs we shave away from our furry faces, more often than not they grip onto the sink for dear life, and pop up just in time for our partners to spot them and twist our ear about it.

The truth is, we don't purposely do this to piss anybody off, it is just because those little tiny trimmings land far and wide, and can prove slightly tricky to wash off when we are done afterward. Well, that is my excuse anyway, and I am very much sticking with it!


Ok, another one I may (or may not!) be guilty of doing is sprinkling when I tinkle. In other words accidently pissing on the toilet seat and leaving it for the next person, again, usually the unsuspecting wife to spot first.

Again, this is not done intentionally, but usually done when we are rushing about, or half asleep first thing in the morning or last thing at night. If we did notice we had sprayed we would take a minute to go wipe it up, honestly!

Ok, some of us might not, but many of us would. 


Passing gas has been a skill owned by us men for centuries. We burp as loudly as humanly possible and have even been known to compete with our friends on who can burp the loudest and longest too. Most men don't bat an eye lid when we fart, but our partners often like to give us hell.  

Farting is a little different though, we all do it, some are more louder and prouder than others, and women also fart too, although they are far more sneaky about it, and are infamous for their silent but deadly gas passes. Yeah, we know, you ladies might like to play this down and deny the facts, but we hear you. Sometimes you even give us men a run for our money.

So, that sees today's blog come to a close for today my friends, thanks for taking the time to read our content, your support means the world. Do you have a friend or foe you can relate these filthy habits with? then why not social media share this with them and tag them away to your hearts content.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


I'm your daily blogger here at 'The Beard Struggle'. Have a beard related question? Get in touch!

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