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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

An unnamed woman has shared her story of revenge against her husband after she discovered he had been sleeping with another woman. Rather than tearfully burning all his clothes out with the trash, or posting his shameful act to Facebook for all his friends and family to see, this woman went further, much further and shaved her betraying husbands beard off whilst he peacefully slept.

The lady, who is believed to be of Nigerian descent shared her close shaved tail through an 'agony aunt' via email, which has since found it's way onto the worldwide web, with a strong possibility to go viral. Here's what the unnamed mega pissed (soon to be ex) wife had to say -

''Ladies, if your husband cheats on you, when he's sleeping get fine scissors and shave his beard off. My husband is a dog (at this point we assume she's referring to him being a cheat, and not suggesting he is of the four legged kind, that would be a whole different story altogether!) We have come to that place where the love has faded and he doesn't care.

He can do whatever but don't disrespect for my family to see. My husband has been cheating on me for years. Since he got this big contract, he became 'God' at home. I will rip his clothes, he won't be upset, I will break his watch he won't flinch. I got an idea, so I shaved his beard.''

It's at this point that I can't help but feel sorry for the 'dirty dog' and can only imagine the sheer horror upon his face as he wakes up to instantly see his mad pissed and uncontrollably angry wife hovering over him with a sharp pair of scissors in hand. Here's what happened next...

''He woke up screaming and almost crying. I WILL KILL! I WILL KILL! He can't kill nothing. He slapped me so I slapped him back (We're not supporting these actions, of course.) He was shaking like a school boy. I know his weakness now. HIS BEARD.''

The statement does in fact carry on for several more lines, but dives rather personal into his continuously cheating ways, so we thought we would spare you the finer, rather icky details from here on in.

Given the infidelities shown by the husband on this occasion I can fully understand the poor wifes anger and frustrations upon discovering such news. But hand selecting a nice sharp pair of fine scissors before creeping up on your sleeping dirt bag husband before lunging in to hack away at his beard seems a little, shall we say, extreme to say the very least

By all means take to Facebook and bash his poor bedroom techniques for the world to see. Heck, even make unsuggested comparisons to his 'woodpecker' resembling a cocktail chipolata sausage, but don't take it out on his marvel of a beard!

But what do you think? Are the wife's actions justified? Or would you have an even better plan to seek revenge on a cheating spouse? Let us have your worst in the comments section below.

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And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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