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What My Beard has Taught me this Week - Week 3

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

You need to take care of your beard

A lot of men out there try to avoid maintaining their beard. As if they might be considered a hipster or trendy if they try to maintain it. Look no one is going to pull your man card for trying to look good. I do not get why men try to punish themselves. Truth be told, even today two random women were discussing my beard in conversation about how great it looked at the checkout counter. They made mentions about how mine looked healthy and very well maintained. Additionally, they noted that it was not like other men’s beards where it was patchy and unkempt. This was just totally at random. Look, I can bench 250 lbs, I can change a tire, and I can fell a tree. Among numerous other manly stuff. So yes, I am a man. I am also a man who has a love affair with my beard. Why? Because it makes a statement.

My Magnificent Beard

As I have discussed before, a lot of people love my beard. They like to remark that it is glorious, Godly, and most notably it is considered legendary. Some may think not and that is okay, I can respect that. However, this is not a once or twice chance thing. I get stopped daily. Men and women alike appreciate my beard. I wanted to write to my readers with a saga of how to achieve the same status as what my beard is revered as. You may not want to go as long as mine, however, this is a testament to what you can achieve if you so desire.

You need to wash your beard regularly

What you need to understand is that a happy face promotes a happy foundation for a man-mane to grow on. I need to also note that you need to stop using normal shampoos on your beard. I do not care if it is Nexus or Paul Michelle, that is for the hair on your head; not the hair on your face. There is nothing wrong with those brands. However, they were specially designed for scalp hair. Additionally, I am not sure if you realize, but the hair on your face probably feels a little different (I will pause for you to scratch your head and then your face). Feels different don’t it. So, why do you think it will work as well on your beard (Again I pause)? You need to find a shampoo that is designed for your face like Nexus is for your head. Yeah there are a lot of people out there trying to make a buck by selling you substandard products for a premium price. However, the next time you are in the beard care isle pick up one of the beard care products and read the backside. If the first three ingredients are things you can either not pronounce or some sort of chemical think of what that may do for your beard. Then find another bottle that does not have chemicals as the main ingredients. Open both of these (if you can) and smell them. Which one smells like alcohol? Bet you it is the one that is chemically based. You want to know why they do that? It is so you get the feeling that it is working, then the chemicals wear off and your beard feels like rice paper. This ensures that you need to buy more and more in order to get the same effect. Now I tell you this so you may understand. The Beard Struggle Beard-care products work. The ingredients list is all non-chemical ingredients. I have been using them now for almost two years now. I can hear you guys now, “but Jon, it is so expensive”. Well, that is because it is a quality product, that has quality ingredients, that was specifically designed for your beard.

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