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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

They say we all have a doppelganger double out there who looks the absolute spitting image of us. Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting mine, I guess being a whopping 6'2, big, bald and ginger bearded man it kind of makes sense. But imagine being on a flight and spotting someone that is your bearded twin double! Well, that's exactly what happened to these two gents, who before the flight had never met one another before and were in fact complete strangers. Neil Douglas was as shocked as the rest of us when he sat next to his 'clone' on a flight from Stansted to Galway. The ginger bearded duo share an uncanny resemblance, from their glorious ginger marvel of a beard, to the shade of their hair and same styles. It's almost as if these two were separated at birth!

These two have gone viral since the image was uploaded on social media last year, making them instant overnight internet sensations. The two ginger twins have since met again to catch up over a beer where one different becomes clearly apparent. Their height difference. But sit the two beards side by side and you'd struggle to tell them apart. It is believed each of us have between 4-7 doppelgangers on the planet, and happening to randomly bump into one of those knocks the odds measurably low, yet not impossible.

I recall an awkward moment happening when i was just a kid. I was out with my Mother, I must've been around 10 years old or so. We were just leaving a store when my Mum (yes, it's spelt Mum in England. Honest!) spotted an old school friend of hers who she had not seen since leaving school many years ago. They had given each other nicknames in school, My Mother being rather thin was gifted the name 'Skinny' whereas my Mums friend, who was said to have been of a larger build was lumbered with the playground name 'Fatty'. Now, I'm not sure how welcoming she was of her rather offensive short name, but ran with it she did. My Mother being a rather louder than life sort of individual runs straight over to her friend, gives her a huge slap on the back whilst shouting 'HEY UP FATTY! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN??' It was about this time the lady turned round with a look on her face that I can only describe as resembling the 'battle to the death' stare down, but honestly, if looks could kill my Mother would be no more. Although this rather plump lady looked somewhat like my Mothers old school friend, she WAS NOT my Mothers old schoolfriend. My Mum was quick to apologise, then we ran for the hills never to return. Although I keep this story on the back burner ready to unearth and remind her out every now and again.

Now, beards do come in a bazillion different shapes, shades, styles and sizes (There may have been a slight exaggeration on the numbers there.) but if you search around for long enough you might just find your beardy twin! Or have you already discovered yours? If so we would simply love to read all about it! So let us know in the comments section you'll find provided below. And who knows, we might just feature you in a future beard blog post!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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