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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

There is a old saying that goes 'dog is a man's best friend', but it seems that dogs are no longer the only hot contender for the title anymore, as the bond between a man and his marvelous beard are also ever growing... (pun totally intended!)

It's no secret that a man who so chooses to grow out his facial hair quickly becomes attached to his newfound furry face forest, and not without good reason. If you search back in the history timeline the male species has never been separated from his beard for too long, if at all....

Beards have had many uses throughout the history of humans. Early man had facial hair to help keep warm and as a form of intimidation against his predators. In recent times they have also been worn to represent a man's riches, wealth and financial standing.

In 3000 BCE Egyptians used to create fake beards made from soft sheet gold to display their royal standing. During the ancient greek era beards were grown as a symbol of strength and honour. they would often curl their beard whiskers in order to create tight ringlet facial hair curls. They would often chop away a man's facial hair as a punishment to those who broke the rules, which was then considered a huge insult to any man.

In was around the Ancient Roman era that beard trimming began to take hold, as the Romans much preferred a well groomed, shorter styled beard rather than a long wild furry beard. Using a form of razor to keep the whiskers at bay was considered 'more hygienic' and heavily encouraged by most.

Thankfully we now live in a world where beards are big business as the popularity of them continue to rise. Many women also perceive a man who has a beard to be patient, most attractive and strong in comparison to those who do not. Facial hair of all different shapes, shades and sizes can often be spotted on almost every high street in the world in the year of 2017.

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And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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