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Two New Premium Collections - Coming Soon

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello my Bearded Brethren! The Beard Struggle, your exclusive source for High Quality, All-Natural, and Unparalleled Beard Care products, is pleased to announce our latest development in the Struggle for an awesome beard.

The Beard Struggle New Scent Collections

It has taken us months to get the scents just right. Now the time is almost here. The Beard Struggle is pleased to announce we have two new Premium Collections: The Gold Collection and the Silver Collection. Read for yourself the new scents:

The Gold Collection:

Asgardian Secret
Asgardian Secret

Ragnarok Finale

Valkries Oud

The Silver Collection:

Freya's Bliss

Viking Honour

Viking Storm

Unscented Loki
Unscented Loki

These two new premium collections come to you at the same great quality you have grown to expect at The Beard Struggle.

The Gold Collection has a more premium culmination of Essential oils. Oils like Clove, Oud, Vetiver, and Vanilla.

Whereas, the Silver Collection is designed for the more cost conscious Bearder with Essential oils like Cedarwood, Lime, Citrus Fresh, and Peppermint.

However, loyal and dedicated Bearded Brethren, please do not despair! it is still the same tried and true formula you have grown to appreciate and love. Just now, it has a new label and with new scents.

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