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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Beards are a marvelous way to express your character, as they come in a wide array of different shapes, styles and sizes. Today I wanted to look at a few of the most popular beard styles and grant you a few simple pointers to follow on how to help keep your furry face in your chosen shape and style...


I know many may argue (me included!) that stubble isn't actually a beard style, much like grass seed isn't grass until is begins to grow. But the stubble look is ever growing in popularity, as more gents now more than ever choose to maintain it. Stubble is rather easy to maintain with a good beard trimmer on the lowest grade and setting. Simply even out your stubble every couple of weeks taking greater care around the jawline making sure you don't miss any tricky to trim areas. After you are done you may apply a touch of premium 'TBS' beard oil which will help lock in your skin's moisture, helping keep things well hydrated for a healthy even grow. It really is as simple as that!


The medium beard can vary ever so slightly depending on how the beardsman chooses to wear it. But usually many barbers recognise this style as shorter beard on the cheeks, then a little longer on the chin, with tidy sideburns. To create this style at home it may prove a little tricker if this is your first time trimming since growing out your face fur. But with a little practice you can do so by using a trusty beard trimmer on a medium setting, the key is not to attack it from top to bottom, but rather go from above and with the direction of your beards growth. This way you are lightly to not make any tragic unfixable trimming mishaps. Then when you meet your desired length neaten your cheek lines with either a precision beard liner trimmer or a razor. For optimal results I would recommend using a razor, taking extra care when doing so. Then apply a small amount of 'TBS' beard oil or balm to help freshen and hydrate both your beard and face hidden below and you'll be good to go.


The 'lumberjack' beard is by far my most favourite choice of beard style known to man. Not only do they come in a huge array of lengths, shades and sizes, but no two beards are ever the same, which makes for interesting results from one beard to the next. Although a long full beard might seem like an easy task to grow out and upkeep, you'd be surprised how much time and 'TLC' the beard-holder puts into his furry face forest. To upkeep this look trimming is kept to a minimum, and only requires you to trim a little off the length every few months to help keep any split damaged ends at bay, and lightly trimming your beards sideburns so you don't look like a ''furry moon face''. To do this simply brush through your beard to loosen up any knots and tangles within your beard and using a pair of scissors gently snip away at the tips of your beard, whilst following a nice round neat shape line. To trim the sideburns you may also use scissors, although don't attempt this if you are at all unsure. Or you may prefer to opt in for the use of a beard trimmer of the highest possible setting, then lowering the trim one grade at a time until the desired length had been found. Afterward apply a generous amount of 'TBS' beard oil or balm to optimise the fullness of your marvel of a beard.

If you are at all unsure and would like further advice please let us know in the comments section you'll find provided below. Or if you don't trust your beard grooming D.I.Y skills, may I suggest you pay a visit to your trusty barber instead.

That's everything for today my furry faced Brothers and beardy admirers, as always let us have any thoughts comments or feedback in the box we have kindly provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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