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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Each and every year we usually find ourselves promising to attend a friend of a friend's Halloween party, at the time we're all in good spirits which a head full or really clever and witty costume ideas to bamboozle and outshine everybody in attendance. But as the days pass us by and turn into weeks we we usually find ourselves being in a rut with little to no ideas that you want to run with. After all we need something that our marvelous beards can work with, so Frankenstein's monster or a bloodied Dracula is off the cards this year. So allow me to break things down it todays beard blog, as I give you four rather handy Halloween costume ideas that will work perfectly for any bearded gentleman...


If you have the length and girth (talking beards here, keep it clean!) to your marvelous beard you might just be able to pull off one of the greatest costumes ever made for a bearded fellow...A wizard! Wizards have been a magical part of many movies over the years, so your back catalogue can be rather creative when selecting which Wizard to model yourself upon (although Gandalf and Hagrid are always fun to see at such shindigs!) So dig out an old scruffy Wizardly-like gown, and eBay a pointy hat and magical wand and let your wonderful beard cast a spell over your fellow Halloween goers!


One of my personal favourites to sport at any given fancy dress party or gathering would have to be the untrusty sea-dogs, better known as the pirates. Even before sprouting out my very own beard I've always been a fan of that rough and rugged look, not to forget the stereotypical hooked hand and/or wooden leg, often topped off with your feathered friend, the parrot. In recent years the movies have proclaimed some of the greatest actors of all time portraying the pirate role. One of my favourites being Disney's 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Jack Sparrow. So if you have the quirky personality of a pirate, then this might just be the Halloween costume you've been searching for!


Everybody's favourite crystal meth producing drug lord, Walter White better known as Heisenberg has proved a rather popular choice at Halloween parties around the world each year. Again, this look can be a rather simplistic appearance to achieve. Either the hat and sunglasses or the yellow fumigator jump suit will do it. And if you want to add a little extra shizam to the look you can get a tad more creative and cook your own famous blue ice! By ice I am not suggesting you start your own lucrative meth lab and hire a friend named Jesse to help you get cooking whilst calling you a 'Bitch'. No No No! What do you take me for? Instead why not try and make yourself some liquid candy, adding a little ice blue food colouring? once this dries and sets it makes a fancy blue ice replica that looks identical to the TV series props. Or if, like me you're far too lazy to go to such lengths then hit up the internet and buy it ready made for a couple of bucks!


First up, I'm sorry for the terrible joke in the subheading there. It's one of those cheesy things I heard as a kid and it instantly stuck in my mind forever more. So I thought I'd share it with the group, seeing as we're amongst friends. But my final Halloween costume suggestion might seem like the most obvious out of them all, but why not search out the full moon and go full werewolf on their asses? First up, it seems like a fairly achievable costume to obtain, seeing as we've already grown out the best part being our epic facial 'werewolf like' forests.

Still don't believe me? Look, Michael Jackson pulled off one of the most scariest werewolves of the 80's during the filming of the short film, Thriller. And all that guy did was throw on some furry dog-like clawed hand gloves, and add a whole lot of fur to his face, add some funky cat eye yellow contacts and he was good to go! For any bearded fellow, the furry face part has already been ticked off the list of 'Things To Do' so chuck on some scruffy jeans and a jacket and you're just about ready to do the monster mash!

Well, that wraps up todays beard blog my friends. As ever, let us have and comments or questions you might have in the box you'll find below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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