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The Ultimate Guide To Your Facial Hair Growth

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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Welcome to the ultimate beard blog post that will cover facial hair growth and avenue known to man about it and how to correctly care for them in the process.

We've been working on a whole host of content to explain our tried and tested techniques, from what beard styles you should try, to how to fulfill your ultimate beard desires and sport the optimal beard you so rightfully deserve.

So, without further ado, get the kettle on and kick up those feet as we begin The Ultimate Guide To Promote Growth...

First of all... Why Even Grow A Sweater On Your Face In The First Place?

facial hair growth

When any man first starts off on the road to 'beardism' (Yep, I totally just made that word up!) he will often be greeted by many of opinions from those around him.

Although you might receive the odd knock every now and then, once your beard begins to flourish out and take shape you'll receive much higher levels of kind words and beard compliments.

It's no secret that the lovely ladies certainly dig a beard, and they're not too shy on letting you know either! So buckle up my fellow 'beardy'. You're about to become 'Mr. Popular'! Cause trust me… a great beard is an amazing conversational piece!

Just think of the time you'll save when first choosing to grow out some face fluff! We're often raised to believe that clean shaven is clean, and the said thing to do. Whereas beards are often viewed as scruffy, dirty and unkempt.

Well, times have thankfully changed and moved forward since I was a kid. Beards may still come attached with a certain stigma, but thankfully society are a touch more welcoming than they used to be.

So, just think of the time you'll soon recuperate when it comes to not having to shave anymore. Then think of the extra money you'll also save by not needing to buy well overly priced razors and shave foams/creams, because let's be honest, they're protected in a tagged security box in the store for a reason, that reason being they're too damn expensive!

But now you can kiss goodbye to the hefty prices and enjoy growing out a beard to be proud of. What started as a couple of days worth of stubble, soon becomes a decent length of facial forest.

Healthy Skin Means Healthy Facial Hair Growth

In recent beard blog posts I've occasionally expressed the importance of looking after that face (Yep, It's under there somewhere!) hidden beneath your marvel of a beard. Well, today I wanted to delve a little deeper into the importance of looking after your skin below the fuzzy gruff, and what the benefits in doing so will have to your beards success.

Before a single hair had ever sprouted upon that face of yours, your facial skin was pure, clean and healthy. Then when puberty and hormones begin to kick in and hair follicles begin to grow it can be a rather tough transition for your skin to make. That's why in your teens you might have experienced spots, blemishes and rashes more frequently than you'd have cared for.

When you first set out on growing out your beard you probably gave little to no thought for the face below the fuzz, but keeping your skin as healthy as can be will only further improve your beards growth and well being. Treat your face like a vegetable patch for a moment if you will. (Now, I'm not suggesting you're a potato, or any other vegetable for that matter!) If you happen to be a little green fingered you'll appreciate the following statement. When you first start out growing your own veggie patch it's important to make sure your ground soil you use is rich, healthy and packs all the goodness it needs to grow strong, tasty vegetables within it.

Well, your face and beard work in a similar fashion, and by keeping the skin clean, vibrant and healthy you're granting your facial forest every advantage to succeed and grow out to its absolute fullest.

If you have ever experienced beard dandruff, or as I prefer to call it 'beardruff' you'll understand how unbelievably annoying this can be, as not only is it a rather unsightly sight but it also adds to the dreaded 'beard itch' which often leads to other skin complications.

Red itchy skin rashes are easily formed by scratching a little too long on a certain area for a small amount of time, which can take a little while to dry and heal over. But rather than continue to talk about all the nasties, let's discuss what actions you can take to prevent such troublesome areas from forming in the first place.

First up, if you're suffering from any of the above named issues try not to worry. These problems are rather common and can be easily fixed given a little extra time and extra TLC. Just don’t do what George here did...

Of course the better option is to try and prevent such issues from forming in the first place, but on the flipside these issues can arise very quickly, giving the unlucky beholder little to no opinion to stop them dead in their tracks.

The main cause of skin irritation and 'beardruff' is lack of hydration to the beard and skin which causes skin dryness. As soon as your beard begins to feel dry and weak it is important to use a good quality beard oil or balm.

If the beard is dry, the skin hidden beneath is guaranteed to also be in desperate need of hydration. Using any of our 'TBS' premium range will grant you a healthier well nourished beard as well as helping your face remain moisturised and healthy throughout the day. But if you think we suck then here is our best competition. ;)

Keeping both your beard and face clean and dirt free is equally important to keep things running smoothly, and using beard shampoo and conditioner is something I can't suggest enough.

People often opt in for using the same shampoo they use on their head hair upon the beard as well, which in my experience is a huge NO NO. The reason being is the shampoo and conditioners created for the hair on your head are often created using much harsher chemicals. Beard hair is very different from head hair, and requires softer ingredients to help keep your beard rich and healthy without causing unnecessary damage.

So in short, remember to treat your beard as frequently as it needs to a high quality beard oil/balm, wash your beard with the correct beard wash rather than your usual hair shampoo, and in doing so your beard and face that lays below will thank you for it!

Here Are The Different Strategies & Styles

Beards come in a wide variety of different shapes, styles and sizes. Whilst some 'beardos' choose to switch up their beard style every now and then others (like myself!) opt in for rocking with their desired facial hair choice that works best for them.

Whilst beards do often alter every now and then as the changing ''trends'' tend to do (I honestly hate labelling magnificent beards a nothing more than ''trend'') the core value of a relationship between a man and his beard often remains the same.

So, today I wanted to take a look at the most popular beards you're likely to see out there in the wild, from a touch of stubble to a glorious full beard-mane...

Now, I'm not one for throwing needless insults around, even more so when it comes to beards in particular. But let's be clear here, If you are rocking out a little bit of stubble, you are not yet rocking a beard. Beards take much more time and dedication from their wearers in order to become a work of facial hair sculpture.

You don't have to go looking very far in order to spy a man who has the ''stubble shadow'' look. Rather than grant a man's stubble a beard, I like to suggest it as the first step on a very long bridge to growing out your very own facial forest. The road ahead might be long, but it's a path that is well worth walking.

A full beard can come in a wide variation of different shapes, lengths and sizes. The simplest description of a full beard is when a man decides to completely fill out his face with facial hair, from his mustache right down to his neck line. This guy Keith is a great example…

The full beard is the common name term used for much longer beards such as Garibaldi beard and the Bandholz. (Weal discuss those a little later!) I view the full beard somewhere in between long stubble to the full works, which when done right, makes for a truly glorious spectacle upon a gentleman's face.

The goatee beard still remains as popular as it ever has been, although it now grows in various lengths and styles. The stereotypical 'goatee' covers a man's bottom lip and chin line, although often connected they don't have to be to become labeled so. The goatee has been sported by Star Treks Mr. Spock, and most recently grew upon the face of the Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. Super Hero approved. Here is a goatee beard example...

(Image source:

The verdi beard is a style I admire greatly, the reason for this being is that not everyone can maintain such a facial forest style. The Verdi consists of a full beard with a much more maintained moustache of which the beard wearer often twists the tash' points into a very eye catching curled style finish.

Whilst many of us bearded fellows will mess around shaping our beards into all sorts of fun yet silly shapes and styles during shower time, it's a much tougher task at hand when trying to train your moustache to firstly, make the desired shape, then secondly its proves even tougher to have it hold that way.

A good helping of moustache wax will certainly prove beneficial to capture this styling trick, but even still I can only imagine it's a slippery fish to continuously upkeep.

The bandholz beard has become one of the most chosen beards for gentlemen who are truly dedicated on growing out the biggest beard that they can possibly achieve.

I, myself have focused my beard growing goals on this style, and after a couple of solid growing years beneath my belt I can say I think I've done a great job, being so far so good. This style consists of allowing your full beard the time and space to metamorph into a full, almost wild like beard with a much fuller mustache in comparison to other facial hair styles. Although often it's labeled the ''lazy man's beard'' due to the misguided views that we simply allow our beards to grow out in any which way it decides to grow, with little to no maintenance and TLC.

When as a matter of fact I probably spend more time grooming, caring and keeping my grooming routine in shape then I have ever done previously. Whilst this is the biggest beard style you can work towards it does take plenty of time and dedication in order to not allow your beard to go full rogue. And when grown and cared for correctly, the Bandholz makes for a very respectful beard style as I'm sure you'd all agree.

Do Vitamin Pills And Supplements Really Work?

After a simple Google search I was inundated with 'Beard Boosting' pills and supplements, many of which promised I would 'become the envy of my friends' by popping a couple of capsules each day. The first question that springs to mind is what is inside these pills?

According to the products description they're packed will 100% natural, yet 'secret' ingredients. The use of the word 'secret' causes a little concern, after all we are expected to ingest such products, so at the very least I'd like to know what I'm swallowing before doing so.

After a little further investigating it appears they are filled with with vitamin known as biotin. Biotin can be naturally sourced from certain foods, such as liver, egg yolk, yeast and glucose. It is believed that biotin helps promote hair growth in general, and not just beards. Although it is rare, if our bodies have a severe deficiency of the said vitamin it can result in brittle nails, weaker hair and even hair loss.

But, does taking such supplements play any role in your beards success? If customer reviews are anything to go by, then yes. Although I'd still tread extra careful when choosing to use 'beard boosting' pills.

Firstly, make sure you're 100% on what 'secret' ingredients are before you ingest them. This is not a new aftershave or shampoo, this is something you're willingly swallowing into your digestive system. Not only that, but the price tag on such pills doesn't come at all cheap.

If you have already decided to give them a go, I'd suggest you visit your local health store and purchase 100% natural biotin capsules, as this way you are fully in control of what goes inside of your body without the chance of consuming any hidden ingredients you're unaware of.

The Ugly Truth About Beard Split Ends And How To Stop And Prevent Them From Returning

If you have been growing out your glorious beard for some time you are almost guaranteed to have met the dreaded nuisance known as split ends. Not only are split ends ugly but they can actually be rather damaging to your beards growth and overall health.

(Image Source:

Today I wanted to give you guys a few simple pointers that will help you take good care of your facial fuzz making your beard growing journey as pleasant as it can ever be, So here are some tips to help avoid the dreaded beard split ends saga...

Split End Causes and Remedies

First up, it's better to understand what can cause splitting ends to appear in your beard, as such knowledge can help you avoid making any further grooming mistakes that you probably wasn't even fully aware that you were doing in the first place. Spit ends are often caused when your beard reaches a certain length and has began to dry out.

Tip #1: If you don't keep your facial forest well hydrated with a rich, high quality beard oil (Just like the ones we happen to sell!) you're going to hit a whole host of problems as your beard continues to grow out.

Leaving split ends untreated will only make matters worse in the long run, as they will continue to cause your hair’s follicles to split and this will continue over a short period of time until the damaged split reaches back to base (i.e your face.)

Tip #2: Other advice I give to people is to NOT over-comb your beard.

This advice does tend to differ depending on who you are seeing advice from. But, I believe if you continuously brush your beard too often you're only going to cause more unnecessary damage.

Tip #3: Brushing or combing your beard around 3 - 4 times a day is more than enough in my honest opinion. And be sure to use the right tool for the job!

Tip #4: Please remember that any harsh chemicals are strictly a 'no go' when it comes to washing your beard. I've voiced my thoughts many times about this problem, but if you apply everyday shampoo that you would normally use on your head upon your beard you may cause yourself further beard dryness as well as possible skin irritation simply because these products are not intended for washing your facial hair. Stick to a more natural shampoo, or better still find yourself shampoos and conditioners that are designed for the use of beards, like our 'TBS' premium beard shampoo and conditioner.

Tip #5: When it comes to drying your beard after you step out of the shower I always advice not to use a hair dryer. The clue really is in the name here, but blasting high heats directly through your facial forest will dry out the very base of each hair strand, further adding the chances of damaging the beard leading to split ends regardless on how low you may have the dryer heat set to. I always suggest using the 'pat dry' technique rather than going all crazy mad with a towel too.

Tip #6: Regular trimming will also help eliminate the chances of split ends forming within your beard. Speak to any female and they'll have a greater understanding on how split ends work and how they are a total pain in the ass when it comes to their hair. Well, beards pretty much work in the same way.

Giving that beard a small trim to take off any split ends along the way will improve your beards appearance and well being. So don't make it a 'one time gig' when you next pay a visit to your trusty beard barber. If you are confident in a little 'Do It Yourself' home trim then go ahead. But make sure you're 100% comfortable in doing so, as it takes a damn sight longer to grow that beard than it does to cut it!

My Beard Has Stopped Growing? What Can I Do To Help It?

Firstly, it is not unusual to experience certain periods in which your beard has either slowed down in growth or appears to be staying at the same length. Although it may seem that your beard has stopped growing in its tracks, the chances of your facial forest doing so are extremely low.

Although, all of your efforts may seem fruitless, body hair rarely if ever stops growing altogether. In fact even when a man begins to go bald, often a little hair growth still happens, although it may grow somewhat thinner and weaker in comparison to how it once was. Well, beards are constructed completely different than head hair. They do often slow for a variation of reasons, but rarely will they stop growing.

A common cause as to why your beard may not appear to be growing strong is mainly due to facial hair damage. When your beard becomes dry and brittle you may experience some hairs might begin to break off, which in turn can cause that particular patch of hair to slow in growth in comparison to other areas.

Split ends are a real problem for many beardy gents as well, and when you suffer from a high level of split ends you'll notice your facial forest may appear more frizzy, wild and uncontrollable than it once was.

But how can you treat or better still prevent such problems from happening in the first place? Truth is sometimes we can't completely stop such errors from happening, although we can follow a few simple beard grooming tips to help slow them down in their tracks and evidently eliminate them. And it all boils down to maintaining a healthy day-to-day regime.

Remember, beard oils and balms are your best friend. Use them daily. That's right, not once or twice per week, but every single day to help keep that glorious beard-mane you so proudly sport as healthy as it can possibly be. Beards do get dirty, they'll need washing with specifically designed beard shampoo and conditioners. Not that harsh over the counter store purchased poop you already use on your head. If you opt in to use such products within your facial gruff you're likely to be doing it more harm than good. Combing your beard works a charm, and should also be done daily, but try not to over-comb. Doing so may cause a whole new batch of unwanted split ends to add to the nasties.

Every few months a light trim might prove beneficial to help keep those split ends at bay whilst maintaining good shape. This can be done in the comfort of your own home if you're confident enough to do so, or a trip to your local trusty barbers will certainly help. I've guided in previous blog posts how I maintain my beard, so please be sure to take a look through our back catalogue for simple tips, tricks and pointers covering every avenue when it comes to beards.

Here Are A Few Unwritten Tricks That May Help Your Beard Grow

It's a simple mistake to make, yet the consequences can prove detrimental if doing so on a long term basis. But using the right products within your beard may prove key on your beards growth rate and success.

If you choose to use standard hair conditioners and shampoos you run the risk of stripping the naturally created oils that your beard produces. In turn this will cause extra added dryness within your beard, which may cause added problems such as beard split ends and 'beard-ruff'.

Using our 'TBS' wash and conditioners will grant you all the natural balanced ingredients needed to help thoroughly clean your 'man-mane', whilst adding to your beards overall growth rate and appearance.

I appreciate many of us lead a rather hectic lifestyle, be it for work or pleasure. But if you lead an active and healthy balanced lifestyle your beard will be certain to reap the benefits in doing so. As well as regular exercising, choose to balance your diet around foods that are naturally rich in vitamins. Try to skip fast food as and when possible, although I am guilty as charged for being a proud pizza and double cheeseburger destroyer (pepperoni and pineapple toppings are life!) And drink plenty of fresh water to help flush out the nasties whilst staying as hydrated as possible.

There is one simple word that can scare any bearded gentleman into submission, and the word is 'Trimming'.

Being an avid supporter of a good professional beard trim that word still doesn't sit well with me when hearing it. But, choosing the right time to treat yourself to a beard trim can help grant you a fuller, longer looking beard. The key here is not to trim too soon. As in doing so you'll only be chopping away at all the hard work you have already put into growing out your manly-mane.

This mistake is an easy one to make, especially so when you first start out on your beard growing journey. When your beard reaches a certain length and begins to look super bushy as well as long, a simple light trim will make your beards length appear longer. As by trimming your beards sideburns and tidying up any loose scraggly ends gives your beard a fuller looking appearance in comparison to leaving the wispy bits to continue to grow out as they wish.

So, don't instantly assume that a trim is a bad thing. As if done correctly and at the right time, it can be rather beneficial to you and your marvelous beard.

Proven Tips For a Healthy And Full Beard

First up, we need to get the basics balanced out correctly. If you lead an unbalanced diet without the goodness your body needs, chances are your beard will surely show it.

Now, I'm not expecting you to become 'Mr Motivator' overnight, or run the London marathon, but choosing the right balance intake of vitamins will further improve not only your well being, but your beard game too.

Staying active whilst choosing foods that are rich in biotin, such as eggs, nuts, fiber, proteins, most meats, whole grain and milk will improve your beards growth and longevity.

Although life can be rather stressful, it is important to lead a less stress free life as possible. I totally appreciate that can be better said than done sometimes, but leading a stressful life could have an impact on your beard and overall healthy and well being. Stress can often trigger hair loss, usually the hair on one's head, although this can lead to the hair upon your face also.

When we reach higher than normal levels of stress our body naturally produces cortisol, which has a negative impact on your body's testosterone development. So, trying to lead a carefree life moving forward is the best method around. Learn to let the little things go, relax and enjoy your life my friend.

Getting plenty of much needed rest will help your body recharge ready for the next day ahead. When we sleep our body begins to regenerate and increase it's testosterone levels. Sleeping around 8 hours is said to be the recommended amount of rest a male needs to 'charge up' again. Much like your mobile/cell phone. We use and abuse technology all day, and by the end of it your phones screaming out for a charge. Well, we work in the same way, and if we choose to abuse our body we shouldn't expect things to work at there best.

Plus when we sleep our stress levels naturally reduce, leaving us level headed and more relaxed for whatever the next day may entail. So, scratch that EAT. SLEEP. RAVE. REPEAT. poster and replace it with EAT. SLEEP. BEARD. REPEAT. and you're onto a real winner, Brother.

The you have it, the Ultimate guide that pretty much covers every beard related question that ever existed. Did you have to pause for a coffee refill or a toilet break during the

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