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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Bad days tend to happen when we least expect them. We are all prone to have them, yet some folks believe bad days are just a myth, a figment of our imagination, nothing more than an excuse to tarnish the entire day ahead of us by one thing that might have gone slightly wrong that morning.

Whilst I try to follow a guideline that doesn't allow me to write off my day based on just one, or maybe two bouts of bad luck, sometimes it can seem slightly impossible to shake off the 'bad vibes blues' in order to face the day ahead.

So, today I wanted to share how I shake off any negative issues that come my way and encourage you all to view a bad situation from a different standpoint perspective, as we discuss The Ultimate Guide On How To Shake Off A Bad Day...

Whenever life hands you a bad situation, it is important to quickly evaluate the problem at hand and try to resolve it rather than to sit upon it. We are all guilty of ignoring the little things that worry us, that if shared with your partner, family member or friend, might be resolved much quicker without the needless stresses that it may also bring.

Now, I appreciate some problems are much bigger than others, for example financial difficulties, one issue that many of us face. But I'm a firm believer that a problem shared is often a problem halved. Try to view an issue as just that, a SINGLE issue, not a growing problem that should shadow your entire day, or even worse week, month or possibly your year. In time learn to let the things we really can't change or control go. Breath through them and continue your journey as you once did before.

Also, if something is worrying you discuss this openly with someone you know you can trust. More times than not they can offer a different perspective to the challenge at hand, granting you a second opinion from another's point of view.

Learn to not let one action reflect onto another. For example, Mondays are particularly tough for most as the working week once more begins. Rather than sweat about it on your day or days off, i.e your weekend relax whenever possible. Enjoy the little things life has to offer and shine along side your friends and loved ones. If you are blessed with little ones cherish their every moment, as they don't stay little all that long. Take photos, and plenty of them. Make memories together that will last forever.

Now, I am not trying to go all 'Doctor Phil' on your ass for today's blog, but I just want to try and help you to take a different mindset when a problem at hand arises. Think of it like this. If we go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, and we order something we wouldn't usually go for and it isn't all that tasty, do we throw a stinker and let it spoil our entire evening? no, well at least you shouldn't! *shakes finger in your face!* We simply sketch it off in our mind that we didn't particularly enjoy it and remember this for the next time. I believe this is how we should try to digest our day to day problems. Feeding issues only makes them bigger, whereas starving them of any thought usually subsides the worry, allowing you to clear your mind to better deal with things in the coming days ahead.

Now, it is all well and good me sat in front on my computer screen punching keys and sharing my thoughts with you all like some kind of keyboard Guru, but I am by no means free of the daily grind and the worries it can uphold. I too, occasionally need to pause for thought, refocus my mind in order to make light of a clouded mind. And I am of course by no means immune to life's problems. As much as we would all like to wish we was at times.

usually a little issue that triggers us signifies that there might be more of an issue than we first thought there was. Little issues can build up easily inside of our minds until they make everything seem much bigger than they are and we explode, not literally as that would be rather messy and a tad inconvenient for us all, but you catch my drift, I'm sure.

The last, shall we call it, 'wobble' I had was following a rather strenuous week, I had 'a lot on my plate', as us 'Brits' like to say, and on this particular morning my beard looked like total shit. It didn't matter which way I combed or brushed it, nor how much TBS beard product I used, nothing seemed to be going right for me. You might say I was having a 'Bad Beard Day'. Yes, these can and will happen, usually at the most inconvenient of times.

After nearly an hour of trying to tame my wild 'n out face whiskers I finally snapped, threw a tantrum like a six year old child and stormed out the house, slamming the door firmly behind me, raging from the morning I was already having. I left my home with a preconception on how my day was going to be. BAD. It wasn't until I overheard an elderly couple having somewhat of a disagreement in the store that made me pause and rethink my days outlook.

''You were supposed to call her last night, and make sure she had gotten home safely, but you forgot didn't you?'' the sweet lady was saying to her elderly husband. ''Don't worry dear, I promise you, I will call her as soon as we get back home.'' he replied to his dearing, yet slightly worried wife. I continued on with picking up what groceries I needed and headed over to the checkout.

As I stood in line with a small handful of goods I began to hear the same two voices I had just minutes ago in the same store, when I looked behind me to notice the two of them also waiting to be served in-line. Seeing as they didn't have too much, and that I had overheard that they were needing to head home fast I gave them my space in the line.

''Oh, thank you, son.'' The gentleman responded. ''We wouldn't usually be in such a hurry, But we need to get home and make an important phone call.'' I smiled and said that it was no big of a deal. ''You see, our youngest daughter hasn't been all too well just recently, she's undergone hospital treatment only yesterday and we want to make sure she is doing ok.'' At this point I could only show my concern whilst apologising for the news I had just been told.

''We don't want for much, and we aren't millionaires as you can see, but we do what we can with the little we have and try our best to do right by our loved ones.'' the gentleman said as he began to wave me a goodbye as he headed out of the store with his wife in toe. It was then I had to give my head a huge wobble and realise how tough some folks have it. I really felt sorry for this endearing elderly couple of which I had only just met literally moments before. It is likely that I will never have the honour to brush shoulders with them again, but to this day I wish them and their family nothing but the best and hold them fondly in my thoughts.

The reason I decided to give you that long winded story was to hopefully encourage you to remember that not everything we go through in our day to day being is a blessing. Sometimes we meet mountains that we need to climb in order to survive. It is for you to acknowledge that every mountain can indeed be conquered, and no trouble we have has to be faced alone. Trust your support network, and trust your own ability to conquer anything life throws in your way. And if all else fails, there is always coffee, the stronger the better.

I hope todays blog has given you a different train of thought and stand still to take a moment to pause and think every once in awhile. If just one of our readers can take anything positive from today's blog, then that alone makes this entire post very much worth while.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and as always I fully encourage you to take a few moments to leave us a comment in the section you will find posted directly below this article.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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