The Beard Struggle


Author: Fran O'Reilly

Published at: Mar 22, 2017

If you have been growing out your glorious beard for some time you are almost guaranteed to have met the dreaded nuisance known as split ends. Not only are split ends ugly but they can actually be rather damaging to your beards growth and overall health. Today I wanted to give you guys a few simple pointers that will help you take good care of your facial fuzz making your beard growing journey as pleasant as it can ever be, So here are some tips to help avoid the dreaded beard split ends saga...

beard split ends

First up, it's better to understand what can cause splitting ends to appear in your beard, as such knowledge can help you avoid making any further grooming mistakes that you probably wasn't even fully aware that you were doing in the first place. Split ends are often caused when your beard reaches a certain length and has begun to dry out. Think of it like this, your beards hair follicles are living things, like a plant for example. If you were to leave a plant in the middle of a desert in the scorching summer sun without a single drop of water for hydration the plant would soon begin to wilt and later dry out and die. Well, your beard works in the same fashion. If you don't keep your facial forest well hydrated with a rich, high-quality beard oil you're going to hit a whole host of problems like a patchy facial forest.

Leaving split ends untreated will only make matters worse in the long run, as they will continue to cause your hairs follicles to split and this will continue over a short period of time until the damaged split reaches back to base (i.e your face.) Other advice I give to people is to NOT over-comb your beard. This advice does tend to differ depending on who you are seeing advice from. But I believe if you continuously brush your beard too often you're only going to cause more unnecessary damage. Brushing or combing your beard around 3 - 4 times a day is more than enough in my honest opinion.

Please remember that any harsh chemicals are strictly a 'no go' when it comes to washing your beard. I've voiced my thoughts many times about this problem, but if you apply everyday shampoo that you would normally use on your head upon your beard you may cause yourself further beard dryness as well as possible skin irritation simply because these products are not intended for washing your facial hair. Stick to a more natural shampoo, or better still find yourself shampoos and conditioners that are designed for the use of beards, like our 'TBS' beard care products

When it comes to drying your beard after you step out of the shower I always advice not to use a hair dryer. The clue really is in the name here, but blasting high heats directly through your facial forest will dry out the very base of each hair strand, further adding the chances of damaging the beard leading to split ends regardless on how low you may have the dryer heat set to. I always suggest using the 'pat dry' technique rather than going all crazy mad with a towel too.

Regular trimming will also help eliminate the chances of split ends forming within your beard. Speak to any female and they'll have a greater understanding of how split ends work and how they are a total pain in the ass when it comes to their hair. Well, beards pretty much work in the same way. Giving that beard a small trim to take off any split ends along the way will improve your beards appearance and well being. So don't make it a 'one time gig' when you next pay a visit to your trusty beard barber. If you are confident in a little 'Do It Yourself' home trim then go ahead. But make sure you're 100% comfortable in doing so, as it takes a damn sight longer to grow that beard than it does to cut it!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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