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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

The United States Of America Armed forces are the latest in a short line of companies and associations to loosen their outdated rulings and regulations on formally banning beards, to instead welcome them for servicemen and women to now sport beards, hijabs or turbans for religious reasons. The recent guidelines also green lights certain hairstyles for female soldiers, that are now allowed to style dreadlocks, twists and cornrows.

The new rulings have been put in place in the final days of the Obama Administration, right before Donald Trump is set to take office. although behind the scenes it seems such areas have been heavily discussed amongst the relevant governing bodies, they have now been introduced by the U.S forces with immediate effect.

Throughout the years the military have been under extreme pressure to change the ruling they've had in place, after receiving numerous requests for religious exemptions to the varied rules. Within the last year alone several servicemen have sued the Army in order to be allowed to keep their beards and turbans, but as until now the Armed Forces have only offered temporary patches on a case by case basis rather than a permanent fix to the problems. The military have expressed their concerns about personal safety when it comes to beards, suggesting if a beard is 'too big' it could prove a a problem for the required headgear worn by soldiers making them defective.

However you view the recent changes, they certainly mark a historical movement by the U.S Army, who have until now strictly followed their protocol for centuries. Although the recent changes only grant beards on religious grounds, we are hopeful that this is a small step in the right direction for beards to b welcomed in the workplace. We are also hopeful that more companies and organisations will continue to follow in the path of losing the 'no beard' ban moving on forward.

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