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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

I have always proudly sported a gloriously red (although others call it ginger!) beard since my first days of growing out a little facial fuzz. I've always enjoyed being somewhat different to my fellow counterparts and have never wanted to blend into any crowd I might be a part of. As a kid I would spray my hair red with some cheap £1 party hair spray just to piss off the teachers at my school and they would force me to go wash it out immediately. Just to be even more awkward I went home that night and took a bottle of my Mother's bright red hair colour and permanently became a raving red head just so when it came time for the teachers to pull me up on it in class and demand I go wash it out this instant I could tell them that would be an pretty impossible task to do. I know, I was a total little git at times. So, todays topic at hand is The Pros And Cons Of Dyeing Your Beard...

Firstly, you need to ask why are you considering dyeing out your beard? If it's because of self confidence as you get a little older and grey areas may have began to show. Or if you're just doing it for an added change of look. As dyeing out your beard is no simple task and it can prove rather tricky to do so yourself. Many men prefer to go to the professionals who do this on the daily to request a new colour to their facial gruff.

On the flip side many do choose to colour dye their beard manes at home. My only advice here would be to follow any instructions you may have been provided very closely and be sure to use the correct dye that is specifically made for beard hair. As unlike the hair on your head your beard follicles closely resemble pubic hair in comparison to other hair that's grown on the body.

As the beard begins to grow with age you may find a few more grey hairs than you did before. And that is just fine! Damn, you're more than entitled to rock a bit of grey like a true bad ass. But if you're still certain you're wanting to colour away that grey then my biggest advice would be to do it right. Use a professional would be the soundest choice. Be sure to choose a colour that suits your face and structure. Don't go all out with a crazy 'IN YO FACE!' colour of which you may later on down the line regret. Test run the colour first with a semi-permanent colouring. But more importantly just do you, Brother. Be the very best version of you that you can be, smile on the bad days and embrace the good in any given situation you may find yourself in.

I will forever remain a ginger bearded bloke, until my beard decides otherwise. So if tomorrow I wake to discover my once bright ginger facial forest has taken to grey and white instead then so be it! Regardless to what journey this beard game takes me upon, I'm ever willing to embrace every moment of it!

Well, that wraps up another beard blog for today my friends. As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section so kindly provided by my boss in the box below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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