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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Here at 'The Beard Struggle' we are constantly looking for new, fresh ideas to help keep our daily blog post content relevant and exciting for our readers.

Today, we wanted to reach out to the people who matter, our awesome beard blog readers and gather your thoughts and feedback to help us continue to move in the right direction moving on forward.

So, may we ask what would you like to see us talk about in our daily blog posts? Would you prefer we kept things '100% beards' or would you like us to branch out and discuss other subjects such as 'tech, gadgets and gizmos'?

Last year we first launched our #WomanCrushWednesday feature, where we spoke to upcoming models who digged beards and tattoos. This was a lot of fun, but sadly we didn't receive enough reader feedback to continue with this feature. If this is something you would like to see possibly return to the blog every Wednesday then let us know.

Seeing as we are talking facial hair, is there anything currently lacking in our 'TBS' exclusive online store that you would like to see possibly launched in the not so distant future? And this doesn't have to be exclusively beard care products either, but could be other grooming items, such as washes, cologne and body care products. We are 100% open to your ideas a we continue to grow and evolve into the brand you know, love and trust.

We have also toyed around with the idea of growing our Youtube presence, and would also like your thoughts in this area of expertise. Would you like the option to possibly watch our content, let's say on a weekly basis?

Whilst I appreciate that leaving a comment is not everyone's most favourite thing to do, I please urge you all, both brand new and veteran readers of our blog to reach out and let us have you ideas. As who knows, that little idea you have in your mind could become a reality in next to no time.

You can reach out to us through various social media avenues. Be it through our Facebook page which can be found here, our Instagram page here, and our official Twitter page right here. Alternatively you can also reach out to me personally on my Twitter account @ShadEO9, as well as leaving us a little comment directly below this post.

Thank each and every one of you who continues to reads our blogs. They have been the brain child of mine for a long while now, and I honestly cannot stress my gratitude enough for each comment, share and like you have all given our posts during my time here, and long may this continue!

I shall speak with you again very soon, hopefully with a mind full of your awesome ideas and suggestions.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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