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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Here at 'The Beard Struggle' we love to read back through our customer reviews and feedback forms. We believe this is a key element to grow as a brand alongside the support of our loyal customers, as we continue to take your points of view and important feedback on board.

Today we wanted to highlight a review we recently undertook with a website known as North American Beard Alliance and discuss what they thought was great about our range of beard care products...

If you haven't heard much about the North American Beard Alliance (NABA) before now, they are an online platform exclusively desgined to offer the very latest news and reviews of beard care products, as well as offering simple to follow 'how to' guides. They have been around for awhile and offer on point reviews, many of which are written by the community members themselves.

It was NABA's Pat Mueller who reviewed our products and here is a little slice of what he had to say -

''Before I bought The Beard Struggle products, I did what any smart guy would do. Checked out the reviews. Researched the product. Learned everything there was to a glorious mountain men beard from the beard struggle learn about it.

What I saw amazed me. So many guys were talking about how these products helped them. So many pictures of bros with impressive beards. Mountain men – just like I wanted to be.

The research backed up all of the claims about the product. For example, argan oil, one of the main ingredients in The Beard Struggle’s products, is great for the skin.

The products arrived in record time. Eager to join my bearded brothers, I tore into the box.

I ordered The Beard Struggle Starter Kit. I had a Beard Struggle coupon code, but honestly? Anybody would happily pay full price for this stuff''.

At this point Pat discusses our 'TBS' Ultimate Kit in finer detail, explaining in his own opinion what each product are and how they work best upon your beard, including how long our products usually take to work.

Closing their product review of 'The Beard Struggle' NABA came to the following conclusion -
''So here’s the bottom line. Do The Beard Struggle products work? Absolutely they do! I love them, and I recommend them to all of my bearded brothers, and the bros who want beards but don’t have them yet.

It’s great stuff. It works, they have awesome customer service, and women love the way it smells. If you want a long, glorious beard for the ages, trust me – The Beard Struggle is the way to go''.

To read 'The Beard Struggle' review on North America Beard Alliance, click right here!

Thank you North American Beard Alliance for such a shining, honest review of our products, we are equally as proud of our ever growing range and continue to strive to stay at the very top of our game and be the best known beard brand for every beardsmen on the face of the planet.

What do you think of our 'TBS' range and exclusive online store? Be sure to let us know in the comments section you'll find provided below, and who knows, we might just feature you in a future blog post!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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