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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello, and good day to everyone, and welcome back to the TBS blog on this fine and rather fitting day.

One of Hollywoods finest gladiators/actors, Russell Crowe would usually be a rather familiar face to see on the front of a magazine or written about amongst the pages of a news story, or newspaper.

But following recent images that have appeared in the media you'd be forgiven for mistaking the Oscar-winning actor for a completely different man altogether, as Crowe has joined us in the 'bearded is better' club, sporting a face full of wizardly white and grey face whiskers.

Appearing somewhat plumper than his usual self, I have to admit Crowe seriously suits his grey man mane and wears it rather proudly judging from his Instagram uploads, where he recently made a short video showing him brushing through his luscious white face curls.

The weight gain is said to have been for a new role in the upcoming movie, Boy Erased, but we're not entirely sure if the beard is due to the same factors. Grey beards aren't always a sign of a man's age, but a sign of his knowledge and wisdom, and as one of Hollywoods finest actors we find Crowe's new face fur rather fitting to the legend that is the Gladiator.

Of course, genetics play the largest part in as to why our facial hair begins to fade to grey. your gene pool guides your body to slow down and stop producing melanin, this is the substance that gives your skin and your hair its designated colour. This trait is inherited from your parents, so if your father or grandfather greyed out their hair at a certain age, you are more likely to follow the same path at around the same age as they did.

But don't flip out and reach for the bleach and beard colourings! If your face fuzz begins to fade out, wear it as a badge of honour, and rock that white/grey beard proudly. Too many men go into a total blind panic and rush out to buy some beard dye in order to hide it.

Rather than covering that up, why not decide to maintain it loudly and of course proudly! Keep that silver fox beard maintained and tidy, use some beard oils and balms and you don't have to appear at all old and grey, but instead fresh, smart and mature.

What do you guys think of Russell Crowe's new appearance? Pretty darn snazzy would you not agree?

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And until next time, Brothers...

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