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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello and good day my fellow beardsmen and beardy admirers, I hope your day is going as smoothly as your beard growing game.

We have a rather special day on the horizon for beardsmen around the globe, as National World Beard Day begins on the first Saturday of September.

On National World Beard Day it is expected that any bearded fellow should take time to relax and enjoy one's glorious man mane he has magnificently grown that year, whilst promoting the global status of a man and his beloved beard.

It's no secret that beards are big business, they come and grow on the faces of many men who quickly become rather attached (pun totally intended) to their newfound face whiskers.

Celebrities, icons and even royalty have jumped onboard the bearded bandwagon in recent years, as a little facial hair can make the youngest of faces appear grown and mature, which the majority of our female counterparts look for in a partner.

A breakdown in bearded history suggests that facial hair is often used to display masculinity, fashion, and status while our ancestors would have used beards for warmth, protection, and even intimidation.

Beards were also seen as a sign of honour amongst men in ancient Greece and would be chopped away as a form of punishment for those who did not abide by the law.

During the Ancient Roman era, men liked their beards to be well groomed and clean. It was around 600BCE that people were encouraged to use razors to promote better-followed hygiene.

In England, it was the Anglo-Saxons who sported facial hair until the 7th century, when clergy was strictly required to be 'clean-shaven'. Following this era growing your facial hair has been down to choice, and falls into and out of practice with the latest fashions and trends. Usually labeled as 'hipsters' beards come in a range of shapes, shades, and sizes and a still as popular as ever in 2018.

When we think about how carefree growing your beard now is, it is hard to believe that many moons ago we would have been taxed for sporting our furry faces.

Peter the Great encouraged clean shaving, and for anyone who did not want to comply he would tax them a staggering 100 rubles per year for the privilege.

Having a beard was also considered a disadvantage during the war as they can easily be grabbed and pulled at during battle. Granted the beholders' beard would have to have been at a reasonable length for this disadvantage to be useful to the enemy, but it was considered a real possibility in olden times.

During the middle ages, it was considered offensive to touch a man's beard without having permission to do so beforehand. It was considered an act on the grounds for a battle or duel. Could you imagine that still being the case today? I'm forever getting manhandled when I'm at the bar our out with friends by total strangers, I would be constantly battling with anybody and everybody. I'm a little at just the thought of it!

Regardless to what you may or may not be up to this National Beard Day, make sure you take good care of your face whiskers and treat yourself to some of our newly launched products from our Viking range. You will find a wide range of 'fit for battle' products and scents ready to protect your man mane and provide you with everything you need growing forward.

If you haven't done so let us know what you plan on doing this National Beard Day in the comments section below. Will you be attending any events? beard competitions? Or anything else beardy related? Please let us know!

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And until next time, Beard on Brothers...

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