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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello and good day to everyone reading the TBS beard blog. We sure hope your day is as splendid as your beard game, as we kick start a new week of beardy-related content on our blog pages.

Reading the news today lead me to this rather interesting story, so let us begin as we talk about a recent happening when a man decided to fye his furry mutton chops -
A bearded gentleman had a pretty nasty allergic reaction to a chosen beard dye he was trying out, which left his face terribly swollen and almost twice the size.

Mr. Simon Oguz, 20 from Vaxjo, Sweden, chose to try out the beard dye with a few friends early last month, hoping to darken out his facial hair for a laugh.

But after only a few days his beard had started to become itchy and rather irritable, and on closer inspection, he began to notice a small red rash beginning to form, but didn't think much of it right away, hoping that it would settle on its own.

Oguz told the Metro UK - 'Throughout the entire day my face started to get bigger, so I went to look it up. The doctors said it was nothing too serious, just that I had got an allergic reaction to the beard dye, so they gave me some medicine and that was it.

When I shook my head my whole face was also shaking and I could feel it, But still, it didn't hurt, but was just itching like hell.'

Soon afterward Mr. Oguz spotted a small lump which had appeared on his chest, it was rather irritable and was itching, which caused a little discomfort, and he thought maybe it could have been a tumor at first.

Thankfully this was just another reaction to the beard dye and wasn't of any concern to the doctors involved who later examined the areas.

A few days later the rashes had finally began to fade and Simons swelling began to appear somewhat more normal again, which was, of course, a huge relief to him.

Mr Oguz' friends who had helped with the beard dye at the time said - 'at first it was a little funny when I first saw him all swollen up, I did actually start laughing, He looks rather funny but I had no idea whatsoever that it could have been much more dangerous, afterward I did become more concerned for his well being though.'

Many beard dyes on the market do run a safety warning sticker directly on the box, which suggests you should run a test on the product on your hand before use to check that these things such as bad reactions won't happen, much like when you visit a hair salon, these checks must be made for your own safety first and foremost.

So if you do fancy experimenting with dying one's beard, you might wanna think twice, or at the very least tread cautiously my bearded friends on what you choose to use, as the results might be far from what you were first hoping for to say the very least.

And this sees today's blog post come to a sweet close, as always we fully encourage you to reach out and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section you'll find right below.

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And until next time, Beard on Brothers...

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