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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Here at 'The Beard Struggle' we are continuously seeking new and innovative ideas as we move forward with our exclusive range of beard care products and apparel. Today, we are proud to officially launch our new range of 'TBS' baby wear. We have been developing our baby range for several months and today present you with our very first 'The Beard Struggle' baby wear clothing range...

This long-sleeve cute baby onesie is crafted from super soft baby rib cotton and features a wide neckband for quick and easy wear. Each of our exclusive baby range prints are made and printed here in the USA. With our launch range we have two separate prints that come in a variation of colours. The first being - 'Don't Worry, My Dad Has A Beard' crested with our Viking emblem beard and smooth font logo to add our 'TBS' seal of approval. Currently available in white, dark charcoal black and heather grey your little one will sure turn heads whilst letting everybody know that their Daddy packs a glorious beard.

Our second long sleeve baby onesie design is made from soft and comfortable baby rib cotton and also includes the stretch wide neck line for extra comfort and easy wear use. Reading - 'All I Want To Do Is Grow A Beard' shows that your little bundle of joy will soon be following in his Daddy's footsteps, and for all the right reasons too! Currently available in white, heather grey and dark charcoal black, smartly finished with our 'The Beard Struggle' crest emblem your little man will soon be the talk of the playground sporting this quirky print design.

Our long sleeve baby range are not designed for nightwear use, and if you choose to use a tumble dryer they may slightly shrink. So we suggest you order one size larger than you first need to allow for this.

Why not visit our exclusive freshly stocked online store and check out our range of premium beard care products as well as our recently launched 'TBS' apparel range. You might find you could save yourself a few bucks as we have discounted prices on certain items within our catalogue, so why not go snap up a good deal whilst you can!

As always if you have any questions about our range and products, or would like to leave us your thoughts and feedback then please do so in the comments section kindly provided below!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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