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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Santa Claus is currently working stacking up his sleighs as we speak preparing for yet another Christmas day which is only 74 days away! Yes, that's only 10 weeks off!!

So if you haven't done so already it is time to start feeling a little festive and begin planning what pressies to buy for your loved ones to sit underneath that Christmas tree. I know you might feel I'm talking a tad prematurely, but if you lived with my wife you too would be feeling the pressures of the holiday season. This lady has everything covered before I've even gave a second thought to be festive and jolly! If you have someone half as organised in your life I'm sure you'll appreciate their Christmas planning skills as much as I do!

Today, I wanted to voice my ever growing support for sporting your very own facial forest beard around the Christmas months. We spoke a short time ago about the pros and cons in doing so, but today I want to further discuss the real benefits in growing out a winter beard...

'Tis the season to beard jolly!' and Christmas seems to be the time every man chooses to drop the razor in place of a furrier face. But the real question is why? Why wait until the festive months before sprouting out a little facial gruff? Is it because beards don't look out of place thanks to the festive gentleman known as Santa Claus? Or is it because your furry face matches your outrageous woolly jumpers? Or simply because we won't get annoyed by stupid every day questions such as 'Don't you overheat growing behind that thing?' in comparison to the hotter months?

All jolly jokes aside there are some genuine benefits to beholding a beard in the colder winter months. The first one being your facial hair will help lock in your faces body heat helping you feel a touch warmer when facing the winter elements. Many believe that this fact is more of an old wives tale, but it is indeed true! Ask any bearded fellow and they'll confirm such findings to be true. And not only that, but when the hot sticky summer months take hold once more your beard has a reverse effect and acts as a sun shade helping to protect your face from the suns UV rays! Now, if that isn't multipurpose enough for you, nothing ever will be!

I used to work with a nice man who each year would grow out a little facial hair to help keep the frost bite at bay during the freezing cold weather. Back then I had only just left school, this being my first job in fact. So long before I had even given growing out a beard any thought. I never understood his reasons for keeping his white (and rather magnificent!) beard for just 3-4 months out of a possible 12. This was also a question he would often get asks by our fellow co-workers within the warehouse we all worked in. His response when asked about why he was a part time beard wearer have stuck with me to this very day, as not only was it quick and witty, but it still remains one of my favourites. He used to respond with 'Your character ultimately displays to the world what kind of man you are. your beard is simply the exclamation mark!' although at the time it made little to no sense to me whatsoever, as I've grown a little older, I've learned what he meant by this and can only respect such quotes.

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Well, that wraps things up for todays beard blog my friends. As always let us have your feedback in the comments section kindly provided below!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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