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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Here at 'The Beard Struggle' HQ we have been working all the hours and a day to create something truly special for our loyal following of customers. Today, after months of fine blending, hard work and dedication we are proud to announce our two new scents in our Viking beard care range...

Introducing our first new scent 'Viking Fury' Gentlemans Scruff Balm. Our 'Scruff' balms are specifically designed to further encourage your facial hairs growth rate whilst giving the user much more manageable control of an unruly beard. The new scent treats you to a woodsy, earthy like balanced smell that lasts. Our scruffs are ideal for those who are just starting out growing a beard, although they work equally as well with a full beard, sealing in a healthy balance of moisture whilst repairing any damaged hairs you might have in the process. On shorter 'stubble type' facial hair this scruff will reduce any skin irritation and eliminate the dreaded 'beard itch' phase that sees many men fall. Like all of our 'TBS' premium beard care range our natural balance of only the finest ingredients will fast track you to a long, full beard in next to no time.

Our second new scent 'Holiday Scent' Scorched Armor Beard balm delivers everything your beard desires and more. Imagine a freshly cut slice of Vanilla Creme Pie is placed before you, the pleasant welcoming smell that instantly recreates that feeling of the holidays. Not only does this fragrance leave a special seasonal aroma, but the balm also increases the moisture within your beard whilst protecting each beard hair from damage which is often caused by beard dryness. Our balms work as a barrier to help fight any troublesome areas it might meet whilst promoting your beards natural growth rate.

The essential oils and ingredients that we hand select are like no other that you'll find, granting the user an all day fresh feeling and better control of their facial hair. So why not take advantage of our 'Black Friday' deals and snap up some product at a cut of the price! Go on, try us! We're so confident we will be the last beard balm and oils you'll ever need to try.

Visit our exclusive 'The Beard Struggle' online store, where you will find everything you could possibly need to grow out and maintain an optimal beard forever more.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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