The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Growing a beard. It has been labelled as 'Just a phase' more times than I care to count. But let's take a moment to imagine a life without them. Yes, I know it's hard to even begin to digest, so let me give you a few scenarios to start off this dark and miserable view of an unbearded planet we call home...

Old St. Nicholas aka Santa Claus

Let's begin on a slightly lighter yet none less horrific note, but could you imagine Good old St. Nick, better known as Santa Claus to millions around the world without his famous white beard? Well wonder no more as here's a photo that'll heighten your worst nightmares to the next level. Now, could you imagine this not so jolly lookin' fellow shimmering down your chimney come Christmas Eve filling his naked child like man face with your kindly left out minced pies whilst slurping down the sherry? I for one wouldn't be quiet so welcoming.

The A Teams Mr T

This next fellow might not fancy Goin' on no plane! and may just label you a 'Crazy fool!' for doing so. But The A Team's fan favourite Mr T is infamous for his trendy mohawk and well tamed beard. Not only does Mr T like noose bad guys whilst blowing a few things up along the way, he also featured in the Rocky movie franchise and went toe to toe with Rocky himself. Take away this manly mans beard and you'll create an unnatural visual balance turning Mr T into a Mrs, leaving us no other option than to serve Mr T with a little of his own advice..'Get Some Nuts!'

The late great Kimbo Slice

This man first found fame as a bare knuckle fighter on YouTube. His ability to knock the head off anyones shoulders who proved brave enough to stand in front of him soon became an overnight internet sensation and it wasn't long before he landed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) then later signing with a similar franchise - Bellator. Sadly Slice lost his life suddenly last month on 6th June with only weeks left until his next MMA fight with was scheduled to take place in London. Throughout his fighting career along side his dazzling golden grills Kimbos beard has remained one of his most recognized and admired trademarks. Would he have looked half as fierce and ready for the fight without it? I think not.

The one and only Chuck Norris.

In any given sticky situation one must ask 'What would Chuck Norris do?' and over the years he has become the face of many internet memes and gifs. But Chuck first shaped his facial fluff as he served in the Air force for his country. He later began his rise to fame as a martial artist who went on to found his own martial arts school. His career continued from strength to strength as did his manly beard, appearing in numerous action packed fighting filled movies. Although there has been a brief moment where the inevitable happened as Chuck hacked at his face seeing his famous beardy stubble fall. But I'm sure you'd agree without his famous beard Chuck looks unrecognisable, confirming life is always better when bearded...

Well, that wraps up todays blog post, can you invision a life without your beard? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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