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How to Shape Your Beard – A Definitive Guide to Shaping Your Beard

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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

How to Shape Your Beard- A Definitive Guide to Shaping Your Beard

When it comes to trimming your beard, the shape is very important. Based on your facial proportions, it can make or break the whole look. Just like in the military Law of War dictates. Proportionality wins the battle here. You are not going to use a M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun on a person. This weapon was designed to take out vehicles, tanks and aircraft. Think of it as overkill. Then think about having to explain that to a Commanding Officer or CO. As such, apply a little discretion and some proper planning to win the war on Beard Proportionality.

"When it comes to trimming your beard, the shape is very important"


Round Face

For those men with round faces, when growing out your beard, you should add length to the chin to stretch the appearance of the face to make it appear less round. Additionally, keep the sides of the face more importantly the sideburns trimmed shorter.


Square Face

This is similar to the round face. The goal of these two types of faces is to elongate your face making it seem longer and slenderer. A tip to consider is to fade your sideburns to your cheeks.


Long and Narrow

For long and slender faces, you are going to want to do the exact opposite of sound or square faces. Your beard should look fuller on the sides to add definition to your cheeks.


Large Face

For large faces you are going to want to grow a beard to match your face. It should be proportionate to your face size and shape. Anything smaller than that will just make it out of proportion. So for this type of beard, GO BIG!


Small Face

Just like for large faces, proportionality wins every time. Anything else would just look weird. Basically, you are going to want to try to keep the proportions of your beard to the proportions of your face appropriate.


Oval Face

Ah the Oval face. If you have one of these shapes for your face, the sky is the limit. This face shape allows for the most room for styling. Big or small beards will work well with kind of face.

Stay tuned for how to do a proper fade, where I will go into how to do a fade the right way every time.

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