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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Living here in England we experience a wide array of weather changes, mostly miserable, cold and rainy 80% of the time if I'm totally honest. Being known as a 'Brit' we've come to learn never to rely on the weather, and have adapted to just deal with it, after all, mother nature is what she is and does what she pleases.

One of the most common weather conditions we have to contend with is the rain, we can be smack bang in the middle of our so called 'summer' attending a family BBQ, then out of nowhere and without any warning we get hit with a random gust and light to heavy shower. But what affect does this have on our beard? And is there anything we can do to help further protect our face fuzz from these weather elements?

One of my biggest gripes is having to commute in the rain right after I've groomed my beard ready for the day ahead. The main reason for this being, the rain seems to blast all the hard work I've put in, as well as any product I might have used that morning, rendering my beard now useless as well as being sopping wet.

You might question if you should just skip the beard oil/balm routine all together on such days, I mean, what is the point if the rain is simply washing it right away? my advice would be never to skip your day-to-day beard care routine, as although it might feel like you're fighting a losing battle, your beard, be it short or long is still reaping the benefits of you choosing to do so.

The weather can quickly become your beards worst enemy, but it's vitally important to remember that your beards wellbeing rests entirely in your hands. If you leave it unkept you'll cause yourself more damage than good, as the beards hair follicles will be crying out for the balanced benefits that beard oils/balms provide it with. So, here's how I personally tackle the day ahead when the bad weather erupts.

I follow my usual grooming routine, wash through my beard with cool water after leaving the shower, lightly towel dry whilst leaving the beard slightly damp. I brush through my beard to detangle any troublesome areas and knotting that might be hiding within my beard, then (as I have a rather large beard) I generously apply some 'TBS' tonic and balm, once more brushing through my beard making sure the product is applied evenly and in equal amounts throughout my beard.

Always carry a beard comb with you, it might seem a little odd to begin with if you're new to growing out a beard, but it'll soon become as easy as picking up your mobile (cell) phone and keys as you leave the room. This will soon become your trusty friend that can help make your beard look sharp again after being hit by a bad gust of wind and rainy weather.

If you can, it isn't such a bad idea to have some 'TBS' beard oil to hand either. As a light application during the day might just be what you need to regain better control of a wild, bushy beard. Although a little helping once you arrive home after a hard day's graft works equally as well.

It's important to try and protect your beard from the wind and rain as and when possible. I'm not suggesting you build a 'Donald Trump style wall' around your furry face to protect it from any weather nasties that might be right around the corner, but instead if you're sporting a scarf then simply cover your face with it as and when the rain hits.

If you wear a good waterproof rain coat or jacket it this should work equally as well if you zip it right to the top and burrow your face in to help keep things dry. These are just ideas that you probably already follow. Umbrellas might not be the manliest addition to match you grizzly beard, but they work well too. It's all about finding what works best for you, and following it. But my strongest point would be not to skip taking a little time aside to take care of your furry face, much like you would any other day, it's very important.

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And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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