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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

When we first envision growing out a beard we imagine them to grow fast, thick and full. But sometimes the reality of growing out your beard doesn't always grow as we first planned. Some people are truly blessed with the right genetics to effortlessly flourish out a marvelous beard, whereas other beards may appear to look thin and somewhat patchy in comparison. Today, I want to suggest a few simple tips and pointers that'll help with any troublesome areas you and your beard might be experiencing, and help to make your beard appear thicker and fuller...

When it comes to beards they grow in a wide variation of different colours, shapes and sizes. Certain areas upon your face may grow at different rates in comparison to others. It's nothing to overly concern yourself with, as granted a little more time most beards will begin to balance themselves out to form a better looking beard-mane.

When your facial forest reaches a certain length it may begin to look wispy and transparently thin at the end of your beard. This usually means it is time for a much needed trimming to remove these troublesome areas, which in turn your beard will look more full and gain a more defined shape. The very thought of trimming any length away from your beard when you are growing out might seem like a ludicrous suggestion, but every now and again your facial hair needs any dead split ends that may be lurking removing in order for it to continue growing healthy and at its best. So don't fear the scissors, as sometimes they can be your friend!

I constantly stress the importance on using a good quality beard oil and/or balm when it comes to the day to day care of your wonderful beard. But the benefits of doing so are clear for all to see, as keeping your beard well hydrated with such products will instantly prove highly beneficial. Here at 'The Beard Struggle' we closely monitor our range of products with certain ingredients that encourages hair growth and further boosts your beards length. Whilst this might sound like some sort of witchcraft or wizardry claim, visit our exclusive online store and read what our loyal customers have to say for themselves within their honest and open reviews.

If your beard has met a certain length and struggles to hold its shape, continues to look a tad thinner than you'd like there is a simple combing technique you can use to grant your beard a better shape and fullness. When you're applying your morning balm or oil (I tend to opt in for using balms over oils as they give you a more control when it comes to an unruly beard) gently comb through your beard in order for the product to reach deep within your beard. Then as you come to the ends, gently curl your beard back towards the neck area. Although this is not recommended as a permanent fix, after a few attempts the beard should sit where you train it to, giving the impression of a fuller appearance whilst hiding any wispy beard ends until you can get around to either trimming it at home or visiting the trusty barber for the professional cut.

Just remember, beards are often a work in progress to the beholder. And granted a solid daily grooming care routine you will forever beard proud and beard awesome, Brother.

That sees todays blog come to an end for today folks, as always let us have your thoughts and questions in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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