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How to Grow a Truly Great Beard

Author: Jonathan Adcox

Published at: Apr 23, 2020

You might not think that growing a beard takes time and effort. You just wake up, brush it and go. And actually, to just simply grow a beard that may be the case. However, what does it truly take to grow a great beard – one that is truly Epic and commands respect. As you might suspect, growing a truly great beard requires six basic steps, wash it, condition it, oil it, balm it, brush it and trim it.

Wash it

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You would not use regular face soap to wash the hair on your head. Unlike normal shampoos you use for your hair, beard shampoo effectively gets your beard clean without stripping out all the natural oils. The role of a beard-specific shampoo is to wash away dirt and excess oils. Ultimately, beard shampoos will manage rather than eliminate the oils that moisturize your beard.

Condition it

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Beard hair is generally much coarser and drier than head hair. As such, it requires more oils to provide a DEEP CONDITIONING. Additionally, beard conditioner is all natural, better for the skin on your face, and lacks the sulfates that hair conditioners have. Shampoos are meant to open the cuticle of the hair (scales), conditioners are meant to close back up the cuticles, allowing NUTRIENTS to be trapped in and pollutants out.

Balm it

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The oils are used to help treat BEARD ITCH and the FLAKEY SKIN underneath your beard, along with working as DEEP CONDITIONING agents, making the beard softer and healthier. The Beeswax is used to provide SCULPTING CONTROL, allowing your beard to be more manageable. Thus, assisting in your beard having a kempt appearance. The balm, because of its higher viscosity, sits on your beard and skin longer than beard oil before absorbing, which gives you more nourishment and longer-lasting moisture.

You should be using Beard balm IMMEDIATELY, this will help to condition the skin and hair to have a healthy foundation.

Oil it

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Beard oil is used to MOISTURIZESOFTEN, and TAME the beard hairs and follicles. Additionally, Beard Oil is used to nourish the skin beneath. Beard oil is HYDRATING to the skin and Beard oil is RECOMMENDED FOR ALL BEARDS, but especially in early stages of beard growth. Its moisturizing factors help treat beard dandruff and flaking, and also calm down the itchy phase of newer and younger beards.

If you have a beard, you should have been using it YESTERDAY. The amount of oil to use is based on how much hair you have and how dry it gets.

Brush it

Daily Beard Grooming is a meticulous art that takes time every day to make your beard look and feel healthy. A lot of people these days think that a man who grows a beard is lazy. They think that you take no care in your appearance and just stopped trying. I can hear the men with beards – eyes start to roll. Let’s face it, “With Great Beard comes Great responsibility”. Yeah, I know, kind of cheesy. However, this could not be more inaccurate. Just from the video you will notice that it took 13b minutes to just do the bare minimum (trust me, so much more was done after that). We, the bearded community will show, that being bearded does not make you lazy and this is the daily regiment every bearded man should use, to rebuke those beardless naysayers out there.



Detangling your Beard is very important. This is why you need a Boar-hair brush. It is also important to buy a brush that has long enough bristles that will part the hair as it brushes. Another factor that is great about a Boar-hair brush is that it exfoliates the beard. This cleans the individual beard strands of hair and strips off all the film from the environment. Furthermore, it is like a toothbrush where it can help to remove some of the flaky dry skin and oils from your skin that build up a residue around the hair follicles

Trim it


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I can definitely relate that the idea of trimming away your beloved beard can seem rather daunting to many. However, a light beard trim every now and again can really help your beard game. Trimming a beard prevents fly-aways, split ends, dryness, and renders a neat and kempt appearance.

Beard Trimming Tools

  • Comb or brush: for detangling
  • High-grade clippers:for trimming
  • Scissors:for detailing
  • Beard oil or moisturizer:for softness and health

For a more in-depth guide on how to trim you beard check out How To Properly Trim And Line Your Beard - The Perfect Cut Every Time.

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