The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

At some point during our beard growing journey it's highly likely that you'll have experienced something known as a 'bad beard day'. A lot like when the hair on your head just doesn't want to work the way you'd like it to, that commonly labeled as being a 'bad hair day'. Well us bearded fellows can experience something just as frustrating when it comes to our beards. But what, if anything can be done to prevent these things from happening? Today, I wanted to take the time aside to reflect on what we should do when experiencing a 'bad beard day.'

First up, try not to overly concern yourself about it, after all these things happen to the best of us. And chances are it doesnt look nearly as bad to others as it might appear to you. Don't go making any rash decisions from here on in, as a sharp bad move can cause a knee jerk reaction which could prove disastrous to you and your beards well being. Remember how long that wonderful facial forest took for you to grow and maintain. If you go at it like a bull seeing red, the chances are you're going to regret it. And Never, NEVER attempt any kind of light trim or a little shaping after consuming alcohol. Beers, wines and spirits often knock our good judgment once consumed. And if you drink a little too much on one occasion the chances are your judgement will be poor so taking any form of cutting device, be it a razor or trimmer to that furry face of yours runs a much higher risk of not only messing up your beard, but causing yourself unnecessary harm or even worse, injury. So, in short if you happen to be having a bad day trying to control that beard of yours, I suggest you simply go sleep on it. As doing so usually hits the refresh button for the following day ahead.

Another spot of advice I'd like to give is try to surround yourself with good people in your life. If you're stuck in a crappy job that you hate, surrounded by boneheads (Yep, we've all been there, believe me!) then try and bunk up your social life with good people who you enjoy being around. For example, when I first started out growing a beard hardly anybody approved of my new image. In particular my older Brother had not a single nice word to say about it. I didnt see him all that often, but whenever I did he would make a b-line dig about the beard. To start with it didn't really bother me, if anything it rather humoured me just how much he disapproved of me growing out a beard. But overtime, being stuck in a job I was clearly unhappy with his comments began to dig a little deeper than they probably would have otherwise, even if that was never his enitial intentions.

Over the coming months I chose to surround myself with the right kind of people, and switched career paths around the same time. By just making small changes in my life I noticed my self esteem slowly begin to come back that I had once lost. And in doing so I became more confident and ready for any negative vibes anybody wanted to throw in my direction. Making me much more level headed and stronger to face any day ahead, come rain or shine. So if you're in a place that isn't making you happy, it's time to switch lanes, Brother. Just keep moving forward and if an obstacle presents itself, never slam on the breaks or hit reverse, simply rethink your route, switch lanes and carry on forward.

So in short, if your beard isn't playing ball and continues to do its own thing despite all the TLC you've shown it that particular morning, don't stress it my Brother. As tomorrow is a brand new day which usually relieves you of yesterdays day to day problems. If you haven't done so already then be sure to visit our exclusive online store where you'll find everything you could possibly need to keep your beard looking at its finest. From beard balms and oils, to shampoos, combs and conditioners. Everything you could possibly desire we've got your back, Brothers.

That sees todays beard blog come to a close. As always let us have any thoughts, comments and questions you might have in the box you'll find below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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