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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Happy Tuesday everybody! As you can imagine things have been rather hectic here at 'TBS' HQ following our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, hence why we decided to skip your blog post yesterday and instead advance onto today's topic instead.

As you've probably come to notice it is nearing the final hurdle in this years 'No Shave November', shorter known as 'Movember' as we countdown the final days of the month.

By this point many men who have been proudly participating now sport a face full of marvelous whiskers, which usually form an impressive array of some style or shade of beard. The big question on everyone's lips now is, 'should I shave or should I grow?'

Of course, the 'norm' suggests we are expected to shave away all of our hard work, time and efforts in one foul swoop, as we kiss goodbye to our whiskers and wash them down the plug hole, whereas I like to stir the pot a bit here and suggest you throw away your razors once and for all, if you haven't done so already that is, and instead proudly sport your new found face forest, also known as your beard forever more.

Do you really want to show off that naked face of yours to the world during the colder, frosty winter months? Let's be honest here, a furry face is a much happier place, as I am sure you would all agree.

But what about your hardfaced boss? Or those awkward family members and friends who don't dig your beard? Don't sweat it, Brother! The chances are these people will soon warm to the idea once they understand that you are serious about maintaining your facial hair moving on forward.

I understand that some work policies might frown upon your face fur, but thankfully very few places of employment are too overly strict on such restrictions being in place, so your boss' disapproval should not be much of an issue, if at all.

As for family members and close friends, never mind them. They'll just likely need a little more time in order to get used to the idea of your new appearance. Yes, you might get a bit of extra stick from your buddies down at the bar to begin with, but the chances are they are just jealous because you are now the proud beholder of a face full of awesome facial hair, whereas they're left alone on the shelf with a 'nakey face' that they have got to shave in order to maintain each and every morning, which is no fun at all now, is it?

So, before you go rushing into shave off your month's worth of whisker growth, be sure you are not going to regret doing so, as more times than not you'll hear and read stories such as Reddit and others where folks have seen there way through the month of November, to then shave it all off on the 1st of December to not like the new results.

Remember, there are no rules suggesting you must shave just because November has been and gone, nor should you feel at all pressured into doing so. Do whatever makes you happy my friend, bearded or beardless, it's 100% your call, Brother.

I'll wrap up todays blog with the chance for you to leave us your 'Movember' stories in the comments section you'll find provided below. So, did you partake this year? Or is November nothing more than just another month on your calendar for a bearded bad ass such as yourself? As always be sure to leave us your thoughts, comments and feedback below.

And until next time, Beard on brothers, Beard on...

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