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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello and good day to all, and welcome back to the ever-growing beard blog!

We all seem to have that one friend who can't muster up much of a beard, no matter how hard he tries, am I right? If you can't think of that friend off the top of your head, then the chances are YOU are probably 'that friend'.

But what causes one man to be able to grow along flowing majestic beard and another struggle to muster even a little light stubble?

Let's do a little fishing around to find out as we begin today's topic at hand, titled - Here's Why Some Men Can't Grow Facial Hair...

So, firstly, what could possibly stop a man from growing a beard? Apart from a disapproving girlfriend or wife maybe, but in truth, your lifestyle choices could seriously hinder your beard growing game, or therefore lack of.

A poor diet, a lack of balanced exercise and a lethargic attitude can all contribute to a scruffy scraggly lac of beard, as a healthy mind and body will spur on your growing skills. True story, Bro, studies have shown this to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

A lack of biotin, a naturally sourced product found in many different food choices is the main issue you might be facing. The industry is fully aware of this and offers biotin supplements over the counter, which can seriously boost your beard growth as well as your nails.

Sometimes we get too eager and shave our stubble too soon, or don't give enough time for the fuzz to grow. Maybe because of the beard itch, dry flaky skin or just feeling somewhat scruffy if you're growing out your beard for the first time.

Then, of course, the biggest factor comes into play, and that being your family genetics. Truth be told, if your great-grandfather paced an impressive face of manly whiskers, the chances are you will be equally is as blessed to grow out something equally spectacular.

But what can be done if you are serious about wanting to grow out your beard, but seem to be failing at every avenue?

First up, you could change your lifestyle choices. Think smartly about your diet, become more active in your day-to-day lifestyle. Maybe join a gym and stay active if you do not do so already?

See biotin rich food products for that extra boost, start using beard care products and look after what you already have, and maybe more will follow.

Be patient! Don't be tempted to trim or tidy up your face fuzz too soon, as you'll be doing neither yourself our your soon to be beard any favours in doing so. And keep at it!

As always if you have any questions you'd lie to ask the beard blog, you can do so by getting in touch in the comments section provided below. Or you can always find us on social media, from Facebook to Twitter, and of course, you'll spot us on Instagram.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers...

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