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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

You may have noticed that red beards seem to be blooming on many men's faces more than ever before.

It seems that men are no longer hiding the red locks, but instead choosing to hide away in the shadows they rock them loudly and proudly.

Being a fellow ginger bearded gentleman myself I'm happy that studies have shown ginger whiskers are on the increase. Could it be something in the water? Might it be something in the air? Well, it is in fact neither. Ginger beards can grow on the faces of many who are not actually ginger. You may have noticed in certain light you might have the odd red hair or two. But how is this so? Allow me to briefly explain if you wish...

According to experts in the field of Science it comes down to a gene known as the MC1R-gene, as when you inherit this particular gene twice, i.e from both of your parents, it often becomes mutated which produces less melanin. This accumulates into pigment cells usually resulting in the beholder having red hair, be it a beard or head hair, as well as being more sensitive to the sun with fair skin.

I spent many years of my childhood wishing I could grow a beard, then when puberty kicked in and I reached an age when I could I was a little surprised to notice most of my stubble was growing out a light, ginger-red blonde. This was nothing like the hair colour which grew on my head at the time, but me being me decided to rock the sh*t out of it! And ever since I first began growing out my face forest I have honestly never looked back since. Would I ever be tempted to dye my facial hair? Absolutely NEVER!.

Although ginger/red may still not be the most common facial hair colour to have, red beards are certainly on the increase. Once upon a time the word 'ginger' would discriminatory turn people's heads for all the wrong reasons, whereas in today's society redheads they are ever growing, and not just upon men's faces either.

Natural red hair is also considered to be rather sexy. In 2016 the topic 'redhead' topped in as the most searched word on the ever popular (or so I'm told!) adult website 'PornHub'.

Do you sprout out ginger face whiskers? If so are you happy that you do? or would you rather your face forest be all the same shade of colour that wasn't considered red or ginger? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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