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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

You have probably read todays blog topic headline, momentarily paused whilst scratching you head in confusion before continuing to read, so allow me to elaborate a little...

After a rather shady Google search seeking out the latest news and reviews focusing on facial hair, i discovered a rather grim side of the internet, one that I was not mentally prepared for, one I cannot ever unsee, and one that will haunt me in my dreams for a very long time to come. HAIRY. WOMEN.

Now, I'm not talking a little extra sideburn hair, or even a little light bit of fuzz upon the upper lip, I'm talking the pits, man. Like the armpits.

Sorry if you are trying to enjoy a bite to eat, or an extra frothy coffee whilst you read todays blog, but it appears the internet had gone mad, as have many of people posted upon it.

A new 'trend' has begun which encourages women to ditch their razors and go 'au naturel' and embrace their own body hair like never before, and in all honesty the results are rather scary.

Whilst I agree that having to shave your legs, arm pits and other regions on a regular basis must be a rather tiresome task to say the least, the results when you do not are rather 'hairy'.

But studies suggest that females around the globe have had enough of the grind and are opting in to scrap the routine and let it grow.

83% of those asked agreed that there was too much pressure on them to remove and care for their body hair, according to studies conducted the market retail chain, Mintel.

It displayed that sales of women's razors plummeted by over £30 million in 2016, to £566 million, and continue to decline in 2017. Comparing percentages from 2014 where 84% chose to remove hair, which has now fallen to a low 75% in 2017.

When Julia Roberts first flashed her hairy pits on the red carpet back in 1999 during the premiere of Notting Hill, it was considered a fashion revolution, when in truth, the chances are she might have just forgotten to shave in the shower that morning. Who knows!

It seems that whenever a new-found fad begins, celebrities tend to jump all over it, and on this hairy occasion things are no different. With Miley Cyrus jumping on the band wagon, as well as Lady Gaga and Madonna, some of which even chose to dye their underarm hair, which adds a whole new level of gross to the party in my opinion.

Before some activist reads my wording and begins to take offence, please understand that I personally have no issue with women who decide not to shave. If a female thinks, 'F*ck it!' and lets her leg hair go crazy, or leaves her armpits to resemble that of an orangutan during mating season, that's cool with me.

The bit I struggle to adjust to is when these lovely ladies decide to parade their pits to the world, almost like a badge of honour. Sweet, you got millions of hairs sprouting through your legs as well as your pits, that's awesome for you, I guess. But we do not wish to see them shoved right under our noses. And that is not me 'being all pissy' but simply being truthful.

As a gentleman, I have never felt the need or desire to show off my pit hair. Why on earth would anyone have an interest is seeing what can only be described as a hamster in a headlock? Not only that, but this is where we sweat from, after a busy day I very much doubt anyone gives a flying fudge about anyones armits, be it for a shock fashion statement or anything else in between.

So, to summarize , grow your hair, don't grow your hair, choose to do whatever makes you feel happy and content within yourself, but please don't parade it like it is some sort of achievement, because to be quite frank, it is not, nor will it ever be.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rather hairy blog post today, hopefully it wasn't too much of a 'pit-iful' read (did you see what I did there?) As always be sure to let us have your thoughts, comments and feedback in the comments section you will find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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