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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Is it just me, or has Thursday flown around on us this week? I mean, they do say time does fly when you are having fun, so I guess that could be what has happened here.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Today I wanted to touch upon a few beard tricks of which you can follow to get the very best from your facial hair. I know, many of my posts are often aimed at getting tried and trusted tips to you, our valued readers, but we are a beard blog afterall.

Today let us begin with our blog subject which is titled - Four Clever Ways You Can Optimize Your Beard...


When it comes to taking care of our face whiskers the one thing that is usually furthest from our minds is the thought of having to trim our face fluff.

But having a trim and tidy up every couple of months or so can prove highly beneficial to your facial hairs appearance whilst helping keep things in great shape too.

Trimming one's beard helps maintain and control the number of knots and split ends that may be hiding away in there, whilst further promoting a sharper more controlled appearance to our face whiskers. And trimming doesn't have to mean a trip to the beard barbershop either, as you can rather easily maintain your facial hair in the comfort of your own home if you are confident and wish to do so.


When it comes to choosing a beard wash and conditioner to use in your facial hair please remember to only use products that are specifically designed for the safe use of your beard.

Only select naturally sourced washes that are 100% organic, as these won't have the reverse effect of further damaging your facial hair growth, and will safely strip away any built up dirt and grime without stripping away any natural oils which could further damage and thin your beard hair in the process.


If you have become a regular reader of our daily blog content you have probably read me praising the use of beard oils and beard balms more times than you can count.

The only reason I praise these care products so highly is because they are a key factor in your facial hairs growth and wellbeing. And how? A premium balanced oil and/or balm will protect each hair follicle by lightly coating it with a protective layer, which not only smells friggin fantastic, but also helps further protect your gruff from the day to day elements, such as high and low humidity and the suns natural UV rays, which would otherwise dry out your facial forest causing a whole host of problems in the process.


When you follow a daily grooming routine you can soon begin teaching your beard to sit right where you'd want it to sit.

I know it's not a pet dog sat upon your face, so granted you can't teach your face furr cool tricks like 'sit' and 'roll over' but you can teach it to 'stay'.

Here is how I suggest doing so if you have a rather wild bushy beard, much like myself. First up, I recommend the use a well balanced balm, as balms often provide a better grip and control of your whiskers, granting you much firmer control. When you've used a generous amount and have applied to your face rug comb it through making sure a nice even layer has reached your beard in its entirety. Start off with a pea sized amount, then add more as and when it is needed.

When the balm begins to 'set' you'll notice it will sit better controlled. You can always use a little oil as well. Follow the same routine each day and before you know it your beard will behave itself better than it once did before.

So, there goes another blog full of juicy advise on how to beard like never before. As always if you have a spare few moments then please be sure to leave us a little something in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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