The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

If like me you are fortunate enough to have a significant other in your life the chances are they too have watched your beard game go from strength to strength throughout it's bearding journey. So it's only fitting we take a moment to highlight what our lovely ladies enjoy the most about out very own beard-manes...

They love to touch that beard!

When I first began growing out my beard I have to be honest, my wife didn't see my long term beard vision as clear as I did. But since growing out one of my wife's favourite things to do when we're chilling together is twiddle and play with my length. Beard length that is! Honestly, your filthy mind! When I asked what the attraction to touching the beard was she replied 'It's almost therapeutic, super relaxing in a way.' And let's be honest it does feel kinda good for us blokes too, right?

Your beard makes you look masculine!

Let's face it, no Woman wants a child-like face on their arm at the club, shopping mall or anywhere else for that matter. Well your facial forest ups your masculinity game adding to your already manly self giving you that edge to your personality.

You beard feels ticklish and fun whilst kissing!

Some women may label this as one of their reasons to dislike a bearded Gentleman, but once that tickle kiss bridge has been crossed there really is no going back! Kissing a furry face can heighten your senses giving those passionate moments a little added pleasure in comparison to a naked faced boy.

Beards can add to your bedroom game!

Now, I'm gonna tread real lightly here as I don't want to turn this into an X-rated blog post, but in certain bedroom scenarios your beard can be used as part of your 'A Game' shall we say. If kissing a womans facial lips can heighten her senses just imagine what your beard could be capable of in the foreplay department. Yes, yes I meant exactly THAT. Now let's move on before I get myself into even more trouble!

You become her real life teddy bear!

That's right! Your proudly sported beard-mane makes you all that more comforting as a snuggle buddy. Quoting from a Women's favourite Magazine; Cosmopolitan - ''Beards are like face sweaters, and who doesn't love to cuddle up with a cozy cardigan during the winter months? Snuggling your face in a soft beard is comforting and fun.'' Confirming you earn yourself instant extra kudos in those frostier times of the year, becoming the ultimate teddy bear for your chosen bedroom buddy!

That's wraps up another beard blog! Let us know (and maybe even add a few of your own!) in the comments section below!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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