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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Eat sleep beard repeat

Growing a beard is a commitment. It doesnt happen instantaneously, it takes dedication and a ton of personal patience. Although not everybody chooses to weather the storm long enough to reap the rewards of a full glorious man-mane. Lets talk about the small changes that can be made in order to sprout out a marvelous patch of facial fuzz to call your very own, as we EAT. SLEEP. BEARD. REPEAT.


Choosing to eat a balanced, varied diet will not only make you feel a million dollars, but this will help your beards wellbeing ten fold. Selecting foods that are naturally rich in vitamins will grant you a healthier beard as it repairs the skin tissue on the face which in turn allows for better hair growth. So choosing foods that are low in saturated fats and rich in vitamins such as most dairy food items, fruits, veggies and most meats are the way forward to help encourage an optimal beards.


Getting the correct amount of sleep can also improve your beards health and wellbeing as it is believed that your beard actually grows a little faster whilst your body is resting. The average amount of sleep required for an adult is around 7 to 8 hours per day. Granting that your facial gruff then begins to work overtime in the growing out department. If you're getting less sleep than is required your beard will of course continue to grow, but at a slightly slower rate.


Right before any bearded gentlemen's day begins, often before the morning coffee has even had a chance to be brewed, it's time to tame down that 'bed beard' sitting upon ones face, ready to soldier through whatever the day may have in store for you. Brush/comb out those beard knots and tangles to free your facial facial forest from the sleepy dust. Generously apply your chosen beard oil or balm to regain control of that mad facial fuzz. Then march forth loud and proud sporting a truly spectacular beard to anybody and everybody that you may meet on the street.


Following a daily routine is something we all do without even willingly being aware that we are doing so sometimes. But the importance of practising a solid routine when it comes to your beard is absolute key to your facial hairs over all success. If you've found a routine that works great for you, then try to continue to follow it until it becomes almost a habit to do so. Your beard will forever thank you for doing so. But besides the beard - live well, never take the little things for granted and enjoy every moment that life has to offer my friends.

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