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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

It is no secret that beards are big business. in the year of 2017 facial hair has never been so popular upon the faces of men, both young and old around the globe.

From goatees, light stubble to full lumberjack styled beards. You really don't have to search all that far before you'll spy a bearded gentleman walking down your local high street.

There was once upon a time a grey hair would spark alarm bells ringing even in the most confident of person, whereas this year alone has seen a huge increase in beardsmen who instead of reaching for the beard dye, have chosen to embrace the silver hairs that sprout from their faces, and rock out proudly with a full grey beard.

People often wrongfully assume beards only go grey with age and is all part of the aging process, which isn't always the case. Facial hair can begin to hit grey spots at almost any age. It usually goes on a mans individual genetics rather than his age. Although most men usually begin to find higher levels of greying areas in the early to mid thirties.

So, you step out of the shower one morning and spy a collection of grey hairs sprouting from your self proclaimed flawless beard, what should you do? Some might decide to pluck them right out and carry on as if they never happened. Which in truth will only encourage them to spout out faster and in higher numbers. Others might jump straight onto Amazon searching for a matching suitable beard dye to hide behind on Prime delivery. Whereas the brave simply embrace the grey and roll with the transition.

I'm not a huge fan of colouring your face fluff, in my honest opinion I feel you should allow your beard to grow out in any which way it chooses to do so. Be it grey, pink, purple or blue, it's yours to embrace and that you should do. (Notice the little rhyme there? I'm a poetic genius!)

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that if I were to wake early tomorrow to discover, as if by magic, my once ginger whiskers have now turned wizardly white I wouldn't even sweat it. Instead I'd just embrace it my Brother, and rock with it out loudly and very proudly.

If your facial hair grows whiter than white this doesn't mean you are aging, nor does it make you beard any weaker like some may think it does. Follow the same grooming routines you did before, and learn to love the new silver tint your beard has now become.

Silver beards are certainly on the rise and are showing little to no signs of slowing anytime soon. I think we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg when to comes to the silver beard. So, watch this space, Brothers, there's more to come.

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