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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Valentine's Day will soon be with us, where singletons quietly wish that a host of secret crushes will flood their mailboxes with cards declaring such feelings, and where couples try to capture their love for one another with a little something that expresses just what our significant others mean to us on this special occassion. If you are anything like me your gifts may sometimes miss the mark and prove rather hopeless at capturing such relevance, as try as I might my gifts usually are a little stranger than your average bunch of roses or box of luxurious chocolates, but try I will continue to do! To save those of you who have a bearded beast beside your beauty I've put together a short list of beard related gifts that are certain to be a real hit this Valentine's day, So without any more delay, let's get to Choosing The Perfect Valentine's Gift For The Bearded Gent In Your Life...


One of our most popular items you'll find in our exclusive online store is the 'TBS' Model V Type beard comb. Not only does this comb serve as a great groomsmen gift, it also looks sweet on the eye with it's naturally darkened appearance and easy-flip style design. Each comb is smartly hand crafted from 100% of the finest solid African wedgewood which proudly display our 'Beard Struggle' emblem which has been laser inscribed. We promise any bearded gent would be proud to carry this sleek design in his pocket.


One more for any beardmans wish list would be the 'TBS' Model S Type beard comb. This little number will catch anyone's attention with it's smart leather pouch design for easy 'pocket-sized' storage. Hand crafted from 100% solid African wedge wood this design displays a naturally dark wood without the need for further staining with any form of disapproving chemicals. Each comb is proudly inscribed with our crested emblem logo and comes in it's own carved wooden holder, which fits perfectly into it's fresh leather pouch, making this an 'easy carry' choice for that bearded gent in your life.


Are you new to 'The Beard Struggle'? Then maybe the 'TBS' Starter Kit might be the perfect start at an affordable choice you are looking for. Each starter kit comes complete with our Crimson Scruff beard balm, a Scorched Armor beard balm, a frosted green bottle of our Night Liquid Gold Elixir beard oil. Everything you'll need to continue growing a long, flowing beard to be proud of, whilst conditioning your skin hidden below the face fluff. This kit helps eliminate dry, itchy spots, helps fill out any bald un-grown areas and can help speed up the growing out process. What more could you need?


If there was one 'Ultimate' package to end all packages, it would have to be our 'The Beard Struggle' Ultimate Kit. This kit includes everything you could possibly need and more to sport the perfect beard. You'll get a 'TBS' Crimson scruff beard balm, 'TBS' Scorched Armor beard balm, 'TBS' Night Liquid Gold Elixir beard oil, 'TBS' Day Liquid Gold Tonic beard oil, 'TBS' Marksman's Radiance beard wash, 'TBS' Marksmen's Radiance beard conditioner and a 'TBS' Model V Type beard comb, and for a limited time whilst stocks last you'll also be entitled to a FREE 'NO SHAVE' collectors charity tee at a size of your choice, to proudly sport your lack of need to shave ever again. But seriously, what more could a beardy guy ever wish for?

So, there you have it! A few collective Valentines gift ideas for that bearded gentleman in your life. With whatever you decide on this year, may your day be equally as special as you are. Be sure to leave us any questions you might have in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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