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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Good day my fellow beardy blog readers, and how has your weekend been so far? Very well I hope. Today I wanted to spice things up a little as we discuss a certain subject that might make for a slightly saucier that usual read.

We have lightly discussed these such subjects in the past though our blogs, which often stirred up some rather tasty comments left by you, our treasured readers. So, I thought why the heck not discuss these topics again in the future, starting with today's post!

After a quick Google search (no, not those filthy kind of Google search that would require me to delete my browsing history) I stumbled across a recent study that discovered that many women like their men to be, shall we say, rather vocal between the sheets during a certain bedroom activity. So being the filthy 'champ' I am, I thought I would bring such findings to your attention as we discuss them in today handy blog topic, titled Certain Topics That Women Like Their Men To Say During Sex, Revealed!...

The term 'talk dirty to me' is something I had only ever heard is rap music videos, I mean, being 33, happily married with three growing children, my once cheesy chat up lines and rude banter are almost far behind me, so if I'm honest I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to certain sexy talk subjects. But it seems that many women rather enjoy a bit or 'ear erotica' and encourage their sexual partners to be rather vocal to them during sexual intercourse.

A recent survey produced by a company called Fork Tip crudely titled 'Kinky Couples & Modern Relationships' asked 5,000 adults various questions about their sex life, which included asking straight women what they liked to hear their partner (or partners, you damned dirty dawg!) whisper into their ear during sex. The results were rather fruity to say the least, and I am not talking pineapples!

Now, call me 'Mister Prude' if you will, and no, I don't mean during sex! But I was rather gobsmacked by some of the results I have been reading. It seems that a staggering number of folks admitted to cheating on their current partners, whilst many proclaimed to still using dating apps such as Tinder just in case things didn't work out in their current relationships. I'm no Doctor Phil here, but I'm pretty sure that if you are actively seeking for another partner, be is just for sex, or for something more serious, it would be clear to say something isn't quite working out in your relationship. Whatever happened to working together to eliminate any relationship issues, rather than looking to chuck out and replace?

The study also highlighted that it is indeed us men who want more sex compared to women, with 78% of men wanting more sex to a smaller 35% of women that were asked. It also highlighted some rather humorous findings, which asked what weird things people think about during sex with their partner. Apparently we think about television, work, sport, food, porn and even our ex partners!

But where things really get interesting when we discover what women like their partners to say to them during sex. and the results make for rather interesting reading.


First of all, am I the only one who thinks that being called 'Daddy' by your wife, partner or one night stand is a just a little weird to say the least? I mean, I am a father, so mixing what my kids already call me into my love life is a huge fudging NO GO! I'm yet to understand what men or women find sexually arousing by this, as try as I might to get a better grasp on the whole 'word play' thing that is happening here, and I'm still none the wiser, and I don't think I ever will get it, nor do I ever want to.


So, ladies get a buzz when we voice how 'snug the *ehem* moment feels', shall we say. Without having to slap parental advisory sticker on today's topic, we shall try and keep things out of the gutter, but expressing how certain things feel seems to be exactly how some women like it. For me, I'm not that much of a talker. I might give you a high five, and make you a coffee afterwards, because who doesn't need a coffee? right?


'If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!' *clap clap!* When we are making sweet love to our partners it's always nice to express some feelings, and it seems our compliments are not going unnoticed either. With many women questioned in the survey announcing they rather enjoyed it when their sexual partners expressed how much they are enjoying their sex. I wonder if other subjects could be brought up here? for example 'I'm really enjoying the latest season of Game Of Thrones we are watching on Netflix!' or should we keep things strictly 'sex talk'? Yeah, maybe not a grand idea afterall.

So, today we've learned that a little dirty talk shared between two hearts is very much appreciated. And no, sending sausage pics through snapchat doesn't count either, gents! As always please leave us your thoughts on today's topic, and any feedback of which you may have.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, beard on...
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