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Published at: Apr 25, 2017

Who has the best beard care products online? Why, you’re looking at them!

TBS is the “go to” site for everything you need.

You name it, we got it…

  • Balm
  • Oil
  • Wash & Conditioner
  • Combs
  • Care Kits

And it’s all because we are dedicated to your success.

Allow us to take you on a “virtual tour” of our line , and explain what they offer you…

Gentleman's Scruff Balm:

Our Biggest Seller (picture show above scruff balm and night elixir oil, a perfect combination)

By far, the very first “staple” you must have in your kit is a good Scruff Balm.

Ours is by far the superior product on the market, thanks to our rigorous product-development methods and the testing that went into the creation of our Scruff Balm.

We had strict criteria for what we wanted our Scruff Balm to do for you.

First of all, it had to moisturize your hair follicles and promote hair growth. Check!

Next, it had to provide surface moisture ALL DAY for dry skin. Check!

Third, we wanted to make sure it sealed in the moisture – to stop itching for good! Check!

Fourth, it had to reduce inflammation so your skin would never be irritated. Check!

Fifth, it had to repair damaged hair. Check!

And finally, it needed to have a manly, musky fragrance for just the right earthy smell. Double check!

We’re quite proud of our accomplishment with our Scruff Balm – which comes in several different fragrance styles to fit your needs.

Terrell J – a satisfied customer – says this…

“At first I was kinda skeptical about buying something that promises so much. I tried many things and nothing has helped. But I gave this a chance. And a little over a week into using the Scruff Balm, I can see a clear difference. My hair is much softer – and spots that were bare before are now sprouting hairs. Not to mention growing in darker and thicker. I’d recommend this product to anyone!”

Other customers tell us how much the Scruff Balm has made their hair softer, fuller, and more manageable. People love the fragrances we’ve chosen, too. Not too powerful, yet enough to make sure you smell great all day long, with no fuss!

Less Fuss,
More Fun!

The most notable quality of TBS is that they require you to “fuss” with your face fuzz far less than you’ve already been doing.

You use TBS  first thing in the morning (or whenever you start your day), and they take care of you for a full shift.

You don’t have to constantly “work” at your appearance. It’s a “set it and forget it” level of convenience that only comes from the high-quality ingredients we use in every product.

It’s similar to the finest perfumes for women: The more expensive the perfume, the less you need to use during the day. In the world’s most exquisite perfumes, the oils are so strong that a tiny drop is all you need for maximum effect.

The same is true with TBS 

Because we’ve chosen superior ingredients – properly sourced, and pressed with old-fashioned methods that preserve purity and potency – our essential oils do the work of ten of our competitors’ .

Sure, you might pay a few dollars more for TBS . But in the long run – and the short run – they’re worth it!

You wouldn’t want to wear “thrift store” clothes to an important business meeting or on a first date.

So why would you want to use a “bargain” brand on your face?

Your face is your most important “first impression” asset.

Remember: When you walk into a room, the first thing people will see is that bold, thick mane that covers your face and frames you as a man of distinction.

It’s far more powerful than a “power tie” – and even more significant than an expensive business suit.

It says you’re cultured. Classy. Sophisticated. And not run-of-the-mill by any stretch of the imagination.

Rather, you prefer to think for yourself. When you act, it’s based on your well-reasoned research, informed opinions, and enlightened judgments.

And like the man in the classic song, “My Way”… you never yield to someone when you know you’re right.

Now, isn’t THAT the man you want them to see when people look at you?

Of course it is.

And that’s why you use TBS …

We help put the best YOU forward!

You might not think it makes a difference.

But think about it: Would people be as impressed if they knew you were buying supermarket for your personal grooming?

No. People are more impressed when a man lets his passion for excellence drive him above the norm.

A guy like you won’t settle for second best. Especially when it comes to your appearance.

It’s like this: When you’re the one being outstanding, people notice.

And if you want an outstanding appearance, you have to treat your facial hair differently than you’ve been doing.

Regular stuff just don’t cut it. They don’t have enough of – or the right quality of – the ingredients that make all the difference for hair care and growth.

Getting the right nutrients into your skin
makes all the difference.

It’s really very simple: If you don’t start with the right nutrients in your hair-care routine, you won’t end up with the “right stuff” in (or on) your skin.

As a result, your skin will always be dry, itchy, irritated, and unhappy.

But if you give your skin and hair what it needs by using TBS , your hair will be smooth, luxurious, soft-to-the-touch, and delightfully healthy.

Not only will it look good, it will smell good, too!

Women will love to run their fingers through it. They’ll love kissing you because of the way you look and the sensual feelings you’ll arouse in them.

And isn’t that WHY you do what you do?

Don’t kid yourself.

If I asked a group of a dozen men, “Who wants to turn women’s heads and get them to chase YOU for once?” – every guy in the room would raise his hand.

Now you can GET that kind of attention!

With proper care of the delicate hair and skin on your face, you can “dress to impress” every time!

No more “wishing” you could have the fullness, the luxurious length, and the rich smoothness of healthy, abundant hair.

Now you can MAKE IT happen!

With TBS , everything is now within your reach.

Just reach out and get started today – with your best value being the Ultimate Kit, starting at just $119.

You Take NO RISK.

Remember: Every product at TBS is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction.

That way, all the risk is on our shoulders, not yours.

Try each and every product to your heart’s content. Use them until the bottom of the jar.

If they don’t work for you the way you want or expect, you won’t be out-of-pocket. We will.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction protects you from any chance of disappointment.

It works like this…

If a TBS product doesn’t perform the way we say it will, you get a complete refund of your money – on the spot. No questions asked, no hard feelings either.

Even if you’re at the “bottom of the jar” – you can still get a full refund.

That’s how confident we are in the power and effectiveness of our TBS .

We know from our experience now that virtually nobody is dissatisfied with our grooming kits! Rather than refund requests, we get REPEAT ORDERS, over and over again!

Our goal is to make you a “lifetime” customer. And the only way to do that is to give you total satisfaction in our brand and service.

You simply won’t be disappointed by the superior tools we offer – all of which are based on the amazing formulas we started out with and have perfected over time.

And we know you’ll love our Customer Service, too. We’ve worked long and hard to establish the best service team in the ecommerce world. And we believe we’ve achieved that.

So now you have one choice to make…

You can lose your facial hair blues.

Or complain.

Which do you choose?

TBS  help you achieve your goals faster.

In no time, you’ll have the ‘look’ you want – and find yourself with far more confidence in every setting.

After that, everything else is an accessory.

Your suit. Your shoes. Your tie. Even your car.

Nothing will be able to “top” the fabulous image you put forth when people see you for the first time.

(And the second. And the third.)

People want to gawk and admire the guy with the facial hair like yours. It just comes naturally.

It’s as if they know what it takes to make that happen. They know what you’ve gone through.

But deep down, you’ll know it was because you switched over completely to TBS  – and found the awesome solutions you were looking for.

Like a life-changing religious experience, you suddenly find yourself the center of attention.

And loving it.

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