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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

When it comes to taking good care of your facial hair we like to think we provide you with very best tried and tested tips, tricks and techniques in order to advise our readers in the best solutions that we know actually work.

The internet is a wonderful hive of information of which you can find many facts on just about any given subject all at the click of a button. But not everything you read should be trusted, take it from me. I was in as much disbelief as the next when I found out Unicorns were not actually real, nor do they fart out rainbows, true story, Bro. I was gutted!

Today I wanted to give you a little advice on how best to tame down that fuzzy face of yours in the familiar place called home, and what you should trust to use when doing so, so let us begin...

Firstly, ask yourself do you really need to trim that marvel of a beard of yours? Or could you just be experiencing a 'bad beard day' as more often than not you hear of horror stories when trimming goes disastrously wrong which sees the beholder having very little choice other than to shave it all off and start over.

Secondly, if you are not all that confident in your trimming abilities then rather than run the risk of hitting a bump in the road it might be best to visit a trusted beard barber who has tended to more furry faces than we have had hot dinners. But if you are comfortable in trying a little 'groom it yourself' then here is how I do things.

Start by brushing through your beard, preferably washed but not wet. The reason we ask you not to try trimming any form of facial hair when it is wet is because when damp hair often appears a little longer as it's weighted and straightened out by the water, so then what happens is as your beard begins to dry it will appear much shorter than you had first hoped for.

When you have fixed any knots and tangles from your beard start with your beards sideburns, invest a little money into a trusty precision trimmer, choose the highest grade setting and start with straight downward strokes, this will only lightly pinch the smallest amount of beard hair away from your face rather than take thick clumps of hair, which is what you'll want to do. Once you have done this you can drop down a grade and follow the same rules as before, continue to do this until your sideburns are neat and at the length you wish for them to be at.

If you are growing out your face fuzz you won't want to go anywhere near the length of your beard with a trimmer, but instead brush everything down neatly and use a sharpened pair of barbershop style scissors. I personally enjoy the 'square beard appearance' so neatly cut away any straying dead split ends whilst following the shape you are wanting in order to achieve the finished look.

When you have completed the trim, it's now time to make a little tidy up, beginning with the mustache. How you tackle the tash' depends on how you like to keep it. Many men like a full, thick mustache and train it to sit along the upper lip, usually with a little help from a trusty balm or wax. I have a full stash' but like to keep any straying hairs away from my lip line, so to achieve this I simply comb the hairs down then lightly trim away any longer hairs that stray onto my upper lip.

Again, tread here with caution, and do not be tempted to grab a handful of lip hair and chop it with one foul cut. As doing so will heighten your chances of making a mistake which will likely appear real visible, so take your time here, Brother.

Many like to use a smaller trimmer here rather than scissors, which is just fine if you are confident enough to do so. I much prefer using a sharpened pair of scissors and have no experience using a trimmer on my moustache so won't feed you false information on how best to do so.

When everything is in order brush through your beard once more, searching out any wild straying hairs that you may have missed previously, and if you find any then gently snip the single hairs away, and that is how to best maintain a marvelous beard in the comfort of your own home.

As always we highly encourage our readers to get involved and leave us your thoughts, comments and feedback. So if you have something you'd like to add then please do so in the form of a cheeky comment or two below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on..
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