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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Today, I got to thinking. And before you ask no it didn't hurt. I pondered over the idea of beards, which isn't an at all unusual train of thought for me. As we know already beards come in a wide variety of different shapes, styles and colours (Yep, spelt colours. I'm British after all!) and grow to various lengths too. But can we ever 'over beard'? By this I mean can our beloved facial forests ever grow out too much?

First and foremost, in case you haven't already noticed I'm slightly obsessed with beards. Being a daily blogger here at 'The beard Struggle' only grants me more time to appreciate marvelous beards of various shapes and sizes. Throughout my time here I've noticed that some folks can become rather creative when it comes to designing your facial fluff into a variation of wonderous shapes. From the beard bird cage, to the burger, fries and soda holder beard. (If you havent seen those already, you really should!) But is it really possible to have too much beard? I guess it essentially comes down to personal preferences. Although if the beard beholder doesn't take good care of his beard-mane, upon reaching a certain length you may find what should be a strong, long and healthy beard, sits a rather thin and weak looking facial fuzz instead.

When it comes to reaching your beard growing goals it's vitally important to look after the overall health and well being of your beard rather than just letting it run wild and free. More often than not when you spy a large beard in public you'll be quick to notice if they choose to use products, like beard oils and balms. Such products help promote healthy skin and facial hair, be it long or short, by supplying your face and facial hair with the hydration it needs to help stay strong and continue to grow long. When you grow out a big beard and don't use oils and/or balms you'll notice that your facial hair will grow out much coarser than it should, usually resulting in much higher levels of beard hair damage, such as split ends and dry brittle hairs that can easily snag and snap when combing. This also becomes more visible the bigger the beard grows. Often leaving the ends of a long beard almost appear transparent and wispy.

The key to growing out a large beard is to follow a day-to-day grooming resume that works for you and your lifestyle, that includes the daily use of beard oils and balms. Also keeping your beard in good shape will still require the occasional trip to the beard barber to help keep any damaged hairs away from your larger than life facial forest. Not only will this keep your facial gruff in tip top shape but this'll also improve your beards growth rate as split ends if left, can severely slow down your growth game. So, be sure to keep that glorious beard-mane of yours in good shape, Brother.

So, in short, can you ever have too much beard? I think not. Just remember to take good care of your beard throughout its growing journey, treat yourself to only the finest premium range of products and don't forget to visit the beard barber every once in a while to continue growing on strong. Trust me, your future bearded self will only thank you for doing so.

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That sees another beard blog come to an end for today folks. As alway we'd love to read your thoughts and questions in the comments section you'll find provided below this post.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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