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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Wherever I conduct a Q&A over on my Twitter page, one of the questions I'm asked rather frequently regards beard oils, and if it's at all possible to overuse these products on your beard. So, today I wanted to focus on this given subject and explain if and when you can use 'too much' of a good thing...

Firstly, if you're a regular reader of 'The Beard Struggle' beard blog, you would have no doubt read many of my posts which explain the importance of using beard oils and balms. They pack a whole host of real benefits when it comes to caring for not only your beard, but also your skin hidden beneath your face fuzz as well. When you use a good quality oil you are providing your skin and facial hair the perfect balance of hydration as it moisturizes and protects your beard as it continues to grow strong, rich and healthy. Beard oils also provide the perfect protection to face buried below your beard, as it also moisturizes the skin beneath, helping keep the face flakes at bay which often quickly form into dandruff, better known within the beard blog as 'beard-druff'. But when is it possible, if at all to use too much beard oil or balm?

Truth is, different beards require different amounts of beard care. A small, well shaped stubble type beard won't request nearly as much oil as let's say a 'lumberjack' beard for example. And again, going from a beards size is dependant on how often you should be using such products as well. I have a two year old ginger 'lumberjack' bushy beard which needs around three helpings of 'TBS' beard oil and/or balm per day to help keep my beard in optimal shape. So when I'm asked 'Can you use too much?' the answer in short is, no. Although you can very easily apply too much product at once.

I use three squirts of 'TBS' oil from the new Viking range when using oils, which takes to my beard perfectly well. If you were to apply too much product at once, your beard wouldn't be able to quickly absorb what it needs, which would leave a heavy oil residue on the surface of your beard, which would feel rather uncomfortable and often leave a greasy substance on anything it came into contact with, from your hands, to your phone and everything else in between. When it comes to balms, I apply a little larger than a pea size amount of balm into the palm of my hand, which when activated creates the perfect helping of oil which my beard soaks up nicely. If you over-apply beard balms you'll suffer the same fate as you would with over application of beard oils. And with some of the cheaper products available on the web you will be left over residue can feel pretty nasty too. Leaving a sticky, tacky-like feel to your beard and face, which can be rather off putting.

So, can you overuse beard oils? in short No. Although you can over apply them to your beard rather easily. Visit our exclusive 'The Beard Struggle' online store for everything you'll need to optimise your facial forest to infinity, and beyond!

That's another beard blog finished for today my bearded friends and fuzzy admirers. As always let us have your thoughts and feedback in the comments box you'll find below!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on..
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