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Beards are for Lovers – How to tell if you are a True Pogonophile (Beard Lover)

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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Beards are for Lovers – How to tell if you are a True Pogonophile (Beard Lover)

Well, we have reached the day and age where the beard has become commonplace. Everywhere you go here a beard, there a beard, everywhere a beard. Now that beards are mainstream, there has grown quite a following of those who love beards. Now this is not simply for women (or men) who want to date a man because he has a beard.

I am talking about Pogonophile’s (pronounced pogon-o- +‎ -phile). Pṓgōn, is borrowed from Ancient Greek, πώγων (pṓgōn) meaning beard. Phile is derived from Latin -phila, from Ancient Greek φίλος (phílos, “dear, beloved”) and denotes friend. As such, together they mean lover or friend of beards.

“Pogonophile – Means, lover or friend of beards"

Lovers of Beards

Woman Touching Mans Beard

There you are in a crowded party. Everyone seems to be having a great time. They are off in their own little corners conversing back and forth. You wander from group to group mingling with those who seem sociable. However, nothing or no one has really peaked your interest, yet.

Then it happens, a man walks to the center of the room. Now every woman within a three-mile radius just went on high alert. It is like a pheromone of whiskers.

Now as you talk to people, it seems like muffled tones as they are drowned out by beacon on a lighthouse, nudging you to converse with is insatiable man among men.

You move over to him. The sound of his voice seems to captivate you. It does not matter what he says, as long as he is talking to you.

This is an example of Beard-lovers pogonophile. Where the mere sight of a beard has you flustered. This is okay. We as bearded men have been training for this.

Friends of Beards

Friends of Beards

Now we who have spent the time to grow out a beard, understand the effort, patience, and dedication it takes to grow out a beard. As such we find ourselves seeking like-minded bearded brethren to compare beard tips, techniques, and woes of the bearded life. For us bearded men, this is more than a labor of love, it is an all-consuming passion that takes over our everyday life. From the time we wake up in the morning our beard obsession starts. We wake up and start our beard routine. We brush and comb and condition our beards to styled and formed perfection. Then we scamper off to work. Where at work, periodically throughout the day, we will conduct beard checks. About midday, we will take a break to ensure we supply our beards with oils to keep the Beard Gods happy. Then we drive home from work. The last thing we do at night is supply a healthy helping of specially formulated beard oil to keep our whiskers supple and moist for our good night sleep. Only to wake up the next day and begin the cycle all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The Non-Frugality of Beard Supplies

Non-Frugality of Beard Supplies

As a pogonologist: One who writes about beards, whereas my wife could be considered a pogonotutella: Defender of beards (or at least my beard). As a defender of beards, I owe my passion of “The Beard Struggle” to her. Ah the silver lining. She was the one who turned me on to them and allowed me to spend my lifesaving's thereafter on beard care products. `

We as bearded men understand the importance of a well-maintained beard. That is because we understand, as bearded men, that our beards are only as good as the time, effort, and products we put in them. So, we embellish a little or a lot and we treat our beards as favored children.

Your Beard is your Passion

Every man has a story about his beard. From those who were looking for a change, to those looking to stand out amongst the crowd. Each man is unique as well as his story about his beard and if you are lucky like me, your spouse has made your beard her passion too. Her passion may not extend past your but she is passionate about yours being yours (and hers).

As such, you tend to admire every beard that comes your way. From those you are looking to provide advice, and/or those you wish to learn from. You find yourself immersed around those you would consider your bearded brethren.

Share the Pogonophile Life

Do you have a story about your beard? Would you like to show off your pogonophile spouse? Maybe, you and your best mates have a great story about an outing you all shared. We at “The Beard Struggle” would love to hear from you. Share A picture, tell your story, and make it yours.

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