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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

As a kid I became slightly obsessed with superheroes and their super powers along side their arch rivals as they try to rule the world causing a mass of destruction along the way for good/bad measure. Most of the pocket money I earned went straight into Batman comics. (although I never understood the purpose of his super annoying sidekick; Robin!) But even as a child I couldn't help but wonder how our favourite caped crusaders would look with a little facial fluff, so today I searched the world wide interwebs and soon discovered I'm not alone with this train of thought! It appears creative photoshoppers have helped make bearded superheroes and villains a reality if only captured for a moment in a photo edit. So let's take a look at a small collection my personal favourites!


Often found hanging around Gotham ridding the City safe from the bad guys, Batman has remained a fan favourite since he first arrived on our movie screens all them years ago. Although a little back history shows Batman first featured way back in 1939 in a comic strip called Detective Comics #27. On the movie screen Batman has been played by several actors throughout the years. From the TV series Adam West to the most recent in Batman Vs. Superman - Ben Affleck, the least said about Affleck the better! Many may say he already oozes enough Super-ness to last him a Bat lifetime, but slap a beard on this motherfudger and his super powers fly his manliness through the roof!


Whenever somebody speaks about the Batman it's impossible not to reflect on the greatest villain of all time, The Joker. Created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson, The Joker first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman way back in 1940, where the writers had every intention to kill off The Joker on his debut appearance but thankfully survived the writers pen to battle the Batman forevermore. With his eerily clown painted features with the added infamous Joker smile he has remained haunting the minds of those who set eyes on him. It was not an easy task to discover The Joker with a grown beard, but that I did! And if anything it only heightens his twisted features and demonic mind games.


Often seen as the weaker link in The Avengers movies Captain America has been a part of the comic book scene since 1941 when he featured in his very own comic titled Captain America Comics #1 (How original!) Captain America was created to be a patriotic super solider who fought in World War II, several years later Captain Americas mask slipped as his comic discontinued. Many years later when the superhero saga began to boom once more so did his popularity. Sporting his almost indestructible starred shield we can't help but think a well kept beard-mane would certainly be a great addition to the masked crusader.


Iron Man is loved by many for his quirky sharp tongued humour along side his many contributions to The Avengers along side his stand alone movie series. Although Iron Man has been superbly played by Robert Downey Jr. as rich man Tony Stark Iron Man first featured in the comic book series Tales Of Suspense #39 dated March 1963. Iron Man was originally created to fight against war on terrorism and corporate crime, after suffering at the hands of war resulting in sustaining a severe chest injury, Iron Man was born. Whilst the man behind the helmet Tony Stark does sport a little facial fluff I can't help but suggest he slaps on some of our 'The Beard Struggle' tonic and balms and sprout out a beard he can be proud of, wouldn't you agree?

That wraps up another beard blog for today folks, as always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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