The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Meet Rose Geil, the 39 year old lady who has hit the headlines recently after claiming she has never felt sexier since accepting the fact she has a beard and allowing it to grow naturally free.

Rose began shaving at the young age of 13 after noticing her body produced much higher levels of excessive body hair in comparison to her female friends. The then devastated youngster, from Oregon, U.S, soon realised that shaving was the only way to stop her bodily hair from growing out of control, in the hope of keeping the school yard bullies at bay.

Then, after many years of plucking, shaving and costly laser hair removal treatments, Rose had now had about enough, and decided to ditch the razor and accept what her bodies genetics had mapped out for her to be, and now says she 'couldn't be happier'.

When talking to the UK media Rose said ''I feel pretty with my beard, and I never felt pretty before. It feel amazing being me. Growing my beard has made me feel more confident.''

It all started when Rose noticed thicker, coarse hairs begin to grow out in her sideburns upon reaching puberty. Soon the same hairs began to sprout out on her upper lip, cheeks and then chin. This would result in a saddened Rose having to wake extra early each day in order to remove the highly visible hairs sprouting on her face.

This condition began to control her life, making the usual to most everyday social elements of life almost impossible. Rose wouldn't attend friends sleepovers and many social gatherings too often, in worry that somebody might notice her stubble.

Although the secret was kept well hidden from most people in Rose' life, it was her Mother who picked up on a little stubble one morning, but instead of the family support Rose had hoped for, it was never discussed any further, and remained a family secret that was never talked of again.

Although Rose has never been officially diagnosed with any condition as to why her body hair grows out the way it does, she believes this is down to a combination of genetics and polycystic ovary syndrome (POS). Sadly, not everyone has been as supportive of a 'bearded lady' which has made relationships a rather challenging prospect.

Rose soon discovered that in order to succeed in any relationship it was key to share her condition with her partners, rather than try to hide it. ''Revealing my body hair in any relationship was of course very scary and difficult. I was lucky enough and had some understanding partner in my early twenties.'' Rose stated.

As the years went by, the condition never subsided, but instead only grew bigger (no pun intentionally intended) Having to shave every single day for a woman isn't something that's considered all that fun, so Rose decided to hide away from the world rather than attempt to be accepted by it.

Then one day, Rose had just about enough, and decided to learn to love herself, body hair and everything and live with the conditions she had been dealt, rather than fall a victim to it anymore. In as little as six weeks of ditching the razor Rose soon sported a full, thick beard and soon learned to love it. Thankfully her family and friends were equally supportive as well, which has given Rose the confidence she rightfully deserves to continue on forward and never look back.

We love Rose' self confidence, and can only applaud her life choices to rock a beard loudly and proudly.

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And until next time, Beard on Brother (and sisters!), Beard on...

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