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Published at: May 21, 2023

Any Viking worth his salt will tell you that using the right facial hair care products is essential for maintaining an epic beard. When you’re choosing a beard moisturizer, you have to keep an eye on the product’s ingredients and benefits.

The problem is that there are a lot of products out there, and things can get complicated and overwhelming. By the end of this article, you’ll know what products are right for your specific needs. We’ll also give you a homemade recipe, as an alternative to mass-produced beard moisturizing products. Read on to find out more.


Beards and Skin Types - How to Choose the Correct Beard Moisturizer

There are a lot of great products out there, but sometimes even a product with high-quality ingredients that comes with high praise might not be the right fit for you. This is because you might have a different beard and skin type than the one for which the product was intended. The first step of this journey is knowing yourself.

Dry Skin Beard

Dry facial skin can lead to itchiness and facial hair dandruff. This can happen as a consequence of harsh weather conditions, improper beard care, or a personal predisposition to having dry skin.

If your skin is dry, this means that it’s not producing the natural oils it needs to coat your beard hair. As a consequence, your beard will also be dry. Unfortunately, this will also slow down your beard hair growth.

The best type of products for you are beard oils, and you can supplement them with other types of moisturizers in your care routine.

Sensitive Skin Beard

Sensitive skin causes a lot of problems like itchiness, dryness, and acne. If you have sensitive skin, you might have noticed that there are products that make your skin issues flare up. This might be due to the product’s ingredients.

As a general rule, you’ll want to avoid the beard conditioner products with a lot of ingredients and harsh chemicals. A safer bet is choosing products made with only a few, natural ingredients.

Oily Skin Beard

You can have oily skin and still have dry beard hair. Oily skin is also more likely to develop blemishes. Still, using a moisturizing product is important even if your skin is more on the oily side.

One way to compensate is to make sure your skin is clean and to use a moisturizer that’s made with a non-greasy formula.

Normal Skin Beard

Your skin and beard are considered normal if they don’t feel particularly dry, or oily, and if you haven’t noticed any sensitivity to certain chemicals or care products. If you have a normal skin beard, you’re in luck.

This beard type is the most user-friendly when it comes to choosing a moisturizer because most products are designed for normal skin and beard hair.

Aging Skin Beard

After a certain age, we all start to notice changes in the way our skin feels and looks. Aging can cause the skin to become thinner and might lead to a decrease in the production of natural oils. This can lead to dryness and discomfort.

What you should do is use a product that offers a high level of hydration. There are even some products like beard oil that have anti-aging ingredients, and they can help you keep your skin looking firm and soft to the touch.

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The Benefits of Using Beard Moisturizers

Moisturizing is an essential step in any beard care regimen. It will keep your beard hair from drying out, and it will also help prevent hair curling and beard dandruff. A moisturized beard looks healthy, well-cared for, and it feels amazing to the touch.

Beard Moisturizers Soften Your Facial Hair Your facial hair fibers are made out of an inner part (medulla, cortex) and an outer layer called the cuticle. This outer layer is made out of scaly cells that overlap like the tile of a roof.

Moisturizer acts as a sealant and keeps those roof tiles close together to keep the moisture inside the hair shaft, thus preventing it from drying out. If these scaly cells on the surface of your beard hair are stacked close to each other, the moisturizer makes your hair fiber smoother to the touch.

Beard Moisturizers and Lotions Eliminate Itchiness

Having a dry skin or coarse beard hairs is possible for many reasons, and it can cause scaling, sensibility, a feeling of tightness, and of course itching.

We all know that having an itchy beard can be uncomfortable. This symptom can be easily overcome by using a good moisturizer for your beard and skin. This will keep your beard hair hydrated and should help alleviate itchiness as soon as the first use.

Beard Moisturizers and Lotions improve Beard Hair Hydration

Maybe you’ve heard that you should apply your beard oil after washing your beard or after taking a shower. There’s an actual scientific explanation for this.

Your beard hair absorbs some of the water molecules into its core, and once you apply your moisturizer, that water is trapped inside. This improves your beard hairs’ hydration and keeps it from becoming dry and coarse.

If your skin is well hydrated, it will be able to produce natural oils that coat your beard hairs and help protect them against moisture loss.

Beard Moisturizers and Lotions help with Beard Detangling

The easiest way to detangle your entire beard is when it’s moisturized. Wet hair has a higher risk of breakage and damage, so the safer option is to detangle your beard after applying a moisturizing agent. This coats your beard hairs and helps them slide against each other for an effortless combing process.


Beard Moisturizer Types

Now that we know what your beard and skin types are, and what are the actual benefits of using a moisturizing agent, it’s time to find out what kind of products you should be searching for.

Beard Balms

A beard balm is a styling product that helps protect your beard hair and keep it moisturized. A good beard balm should have natural ingredients like shea, macadamia, or sweet almond oil, which are known for their nourishing and hydrating qualities. Beard balm is very good for your common beard itch.

Beard balms can also contain some beeswax that acts as a sealing agent to keep natural oils and hydration inside your hair shafts. You can use a beard balm whenever you need it, but remember that you’ll get the best results by using it on a clean beard.

Beard Oil

If we’re talking about hydration, we can’t skip the subject of beard oils. This essential care product can help hydrate both your skin and beard hair.

High-quality beard oil can help fight dryness, keep your beard hair nourished and protected from environmental factors like UV rays and cold weather. This is a type of product you can use every day to keep your beard hydrated.

Beard Conditioners

A conditioner works by smoothing out your beard hair cuticle. It does this with the help of humectants that help attract moisture, and oils to help nourish and protect your hair.

A beard conditioner can help protect your hair from drying out, helps keep your hair soft, easy to style, and less static. You can use a beard conditioner 1 or 2 times a week when you’re washing your beard.

You can also try out a deep conditioner like a beard mask if your hair needs that extra bit of hydration boost. This can be especially helpful in the winter when your beard is more likely to dry out.

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How to Apply Beard Moisturizers - Complete Beard Moisturizing Routine

A moisturizing routine should be tailored to your needs and depends on the types of products you’re using. This is a step you can’t skip in your beard care routine and you should always try to pay attention to your beard and adapt your moisturizing habits as needed.

Morning Beard Moisturizing Routine

You can start off your day by applying a moisturizing agent like beard oil. This helps protect your beard hairs and skin while keeping them properly hydrated. You can also use a beard balm or beard wax to help tame those sleep-tussled beard hairs, and get an extra hydration boost.

Applying moisturizer in the morning also helps you with styling and combing by facilitating the detangling process. It can make your beard hair softer, more manageable while adding texture and volume.

Night Beard Moisturizing Routine

You can also apply a moisturizing product as a part of your nightly routine. The best pick would be your beard oil. This helps your beard make up for any harsh treatment during the day. Applying a beard moisturizer in the evening is especially necessary if you prefer to take a shower at night.

Beard Moisturizing Routine For Every Season

Your skin and facial hair can be challenged by extreme weather. You’ve probably noticed that cold weather tends to leave your skin feeling dry. The same thing happens to your beard.

This means that you need to apply a beard and face moisturizer on the regular when the weather is cold or dry. You’ll probably also need to use products like beard oil more than once a day.

In the warm season, you’ll probably be tempted to skip using moisturizing products. Keep in mind that heat and strong UV rays coming from the sun can damage and dry out your beard hair as much as the cold.

Focus on keeping your skin and facial hair clean, and find a beard moisturizing product that feels good even in the scorching months of summer. Read on to find our best beard conditioner and moisturizer recommendations

How to Make A Homemade Beard Moisturizer

If you’re a fan of DIY, you can try a homemade beard moisturizer. You can follow the recipe, or be creative and come up with your own variation.

Step 1 - Ingredients for Homemade Beard Moisturizer

Moisturizing products that are made from natural ingredients usually have a carrier oil and essential oils for fragrance and other added benefits. For this recipe, we chose Argan oil as a carrier oil.

Argan oil is known for its many uses in the dermato-cosmetic industry and is famed for therapeutic properties like anti-aging, moisturizing, wound healing, and having anti-acne as well as anti-sebum properties. Argan oil is affordable, and it has a nice, light texture that doesn’t make your beard feel oily.

Argan oil has a particular smell some people might not enjoy. You can overcome this by mixing it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

We’ve chosen Sandalwood oil for this particular recipe. Sandalwood oil is known for having anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, as well as a great tolerance for topical use.

Step 2 - Preparing the Beard Moisturizer

We recommend preparing smaller batches at a time. This makes them easier to store and you can take them with you when you travel.

The preparation process is easier if you use a glass dropper bottle for storage. A dropper will allow you to apply a few drops of your moisturizer and will help prevent spillage.

After choosing your storage container, simply measure out the quantity of argan oil that you need. Do not fill the entire bottle because you’ll also be adding the essential oil. To stay on the safe side, keep the bottle three-quarters full.

Step 3 - Adding essential oils to the Beard Moisturizer

Any type of essential oil you use must be added in small quantities. Essential oil is very concentrated and can be irritating for your skin. And thanks to the chemical properties of essential oils, you only need a few drops to change the fragrance of your beard moisturizer.

You can add 10 drops of sandalwood oil to 30 mL of Argan oil, but you can go as high as 15 drops. You can check the intensity of the scent as you go, and adjust it to your preference.

After adding your essential oil, shake the container to mix the ingredients.

Step 4 - Storing the Beard Moisturizer

Your beard moisturizer is best stored in a coloured bottle. This will help protect your moisturizer from oxidation.

You’ll also want to store the containers in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. Argan oil is known to have a long shelf-life, so you can enjoy your homemade moisturizer for months on end.

Step 5 - Applying the Beard Moisturizer

You can apply this moisturizer as you would apply beard oil, and you should include it in your daily beard care routine.

Use your dropper to apply 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand then spread it evenly through your beard hair. You can also use a comb to make sure that the oil is distributed equally.

Beard Moisturizers

Our Beard Moisturizers for Beard Care

Day Liquid Tonic - Daytime beard oil

Day Liquid Tonic is a great moisturizing product with nourishing properties that can help keep your beard hair soft, hydrated, and protected against the harmful effects of UV rays.


Our beard oil is made with all-natural ingredients: Macadamia oil, Sunflower seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Argan oil, Avocado oil, Rice bran oil, and essential oils for our signature scents.

Reviewed and Tested Results

“Brilliant! Fast shipping, fantastic scent and really fills my beard out. After just a week of using, it’s already promoted hair growth and gives me control over straggly ends. Love it! “ R. United Kingdom

“Overall my experience with both the Day, and Night Liquid Gold Tonic (Odin's Virtue) product from the Beard Struggle has been a glorious one. The smell is unique in comparison to other beard oils which I previously have tried from the Beard Struggle.

It's bright, spicy, and long lasting. The effectiveness of this oil speaks for itself as I have no beard itch, and can feel the nourishment exude from my beard. It's truly...liquid gold.” C. United States

“Love all the products let alone this day tonic for the beard. Keeps the beard hydrated as well as the skin moisturized and throughout the day and gives the beard a nice shine as well. Love the scent as well.”

Gentlemen’s Beard Balm

Gentlemen’s Beard Balm is our classic beard balm, made from 100% natural, organic ingredients. It helps keep your beard hair hydrated and nourished while acting as a styling product.


We choose only the best natural ingredients: Shea butter, Rice bran oil, Macadamia oil, Avocado oil, Sunflower seed oil, Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Cera alba, and essential oils for our signature fragrances.

Reviewed and Tested Results “I recently got the Valhalla's Gates scent of the Beard Balm and it is incredible, keeps my beard moisturised, soft, in check and smelling great!” H. United Kingdom

“Hi to the Bear Struggle Team, I have recently purchased several Beard balms and I must say I am absolutely conquered. I love the fragrances chosen to compose and manufacture the products and my beard (which is quite massive) looks shinier than ever. It would be hard to select one as my favorite but the "Odin's Virtue" is quite something. Keep up the good work guys, I dig it ! SKOL !!” R. France

“This product has been a Godsend for me, my beard has always been dry and hard to maintain, the balm and oils help me keep it in-line” R. United States

Viking Sea 1

Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask

Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask is a perfect moisturizing product that offers deep hydration and nourishment for your beard. Our beard mask will make your beard soft, and supple to the touch.


Great ingredients that offer a deep moisturizing and cleaning effect: Dead sea mud, Aloe, Ricinus, Castor seed oil, Shea butter, Macadamia oil, Rice bran oil, Sweet almond oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Tocopherol, Papaya fruit extract, and emulsifiers.

Reviewed and Tested Results “I love these washes, they make my beard smooth and got no skin problems after use. I am very sensitive to beard products but TBS GOT THE BEST FOR ME. love it and never other beard products ever! Thx TBS” M. Austria

“I must admit I was kinda skeptical at first because I never thought that I would be spending more than a couple of dollars to show my beard some love and watch it grow to its full potential. But when I tried certain products to fill in the gaps to make my beard look fuller, I only made matters worse. Leaving me with bald areas where the hair stopped growing at all. But after using The Beard Struggle products along with the mineral mask, things quickly began to change. The mineral mask immediately gave my skin just what it’s been literally thirsting for. The invigorating sensation that instantly opened my pores and gave my beard the jump start it needed. Two weeks in, following the instructions to a T, I’m seeing new hair growth that looks healthy. So a big shout out to The Beard Struggle for making such a great product that has literally given my beard new life!!!! “ D. United States

“This is hands down my favourite product off the whole site, working in a kitchen my beard often feels dirty and heavy. However massaging the Viking sea mineral mask in, allowing it to dry, then rinsing off leaves my beard feeling softer, lighter and stronger. I use it twice a week and follow up with beard oil! For anyone who is a fan of having a soft healthy beard this is a must have!” D. United Kingdom


It’s important to take the time to figure out your skin and beard hair types. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose products with natural ingredients because they tend to be more skin-friendly.

If your skin and beard are dry, then you can combine a few moisturizing products for a better result. You can go for a daily application of beard oil, and pair it with a beard balm, or you can supplement with a conditioner or a beard mask.

If you have oily skin, you shouldn’t skip your moisturizing routine. Simply pick a moisturizer that doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. Some ingredients like argan oil may have a beneficial effect on sebum regulation in the skin.

If you have aging skin, it’s especially important to keep your beard and skin hydrated. Chose products that offer extra hydration and protection for the skin. Some ingredients like macadamia oil have been shown to have anti-aging properties.

There are a lot of options out there, but with this bit of knowledge, we hope that you’ll find the perfect moisturizing product for your epic Viking beard.

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