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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

With beard popularity booming over the past couple of years we have seen a huge increase in beard care products readily available on the internet. We, ourselves proudly produce a collection of some of the finest premium beard care products available on the planet, and we're so certain of that fact that if you give our range a try and are for whatever reason unsatisfied we'll happily refund your purchase.

A question that I often get asked is 'What is the difference between beard balms and beard oils?' So I wanted to take a moment and write a blog post to better explain the differences between the two and how each of them can be used...

So, beard balms and beards oils work in a similar fashion, they help to keep your facial forest well hydrated which is absolute key to your beards overall health and well being. In helping keep your facial gruff hydrated you're providing your beard with the finest platform to grow long, stay strong and healthy. Look at it like a flowerbed, (Not the most manly metafore, I know!) if you wanted to start growing your own flowers, fruits, veggies or anything else for that matter you need to help keep that soil the best that it can be in order for your flowers to flourish strong, bright and healthy. Well, your face and beard need the same sort of care. If you allow your beard to dry out you are unwillingly allowing your beard to dry out and in turn die out. Sounds a little extreme I know, but it's the facts. If your beard becomes too dry and unkempt you'll start to see weaker areas within the beard begin to form which will not only appear ugly, but they'll also feel strange to the touch. You will experience higher levels of knotting within the beard as well, and your chances of causing split ends will also be at an all time high. So, remembering to give your beard mane all the hydration it needs each day is absolute key if you want to sport a 'Class A Beard.'

'So, what are the differences between the two products?' Beard oils tend to be the most common of the two, but that doesn't mean that beard balms are not just as important to most. Oils tend to soak into the beard a little quicker than other care products whilst helping to soften any coarse hairs, in turn making them a great seller. Beard balms provide the same service and a little more to the right beard, as balms grant a better hold to your beards shape and control. Especially if (like me!) you own a misbehaved unruly beard mane. They contain such ingredients that once dry help hold and maintain the beards shape, making beard sculpting a much more manageable task in comparison to some beard oils on the market today.

'So, which should I use? Beard oils or beard balms?' In short, both can be highly beneficial to your beard game. Every 'beardo' tends to have his own beard care routine that suits him as an individual and his lifestyle needs. Here is how I use both products each and everyday. In the morning after I wash I gently towel dry my beard, leaving it just a tad wet to touch. I then apply a generous amount of my chosen 'TBS' beard oil, combing it through the beard making sure it's applied evenly. Then later that day, as and when it is needed I'll apply a small amount of 'TBS' beard balm which gives me a better control of my unruly ginger facial forest. Then when the day is almost done and I'm soon to be hitting the hay I add a touch of 'TBS' beard oil once more. This helps keep my beard super hydrated throughout the day and night no matter how humid the weather may be. Others may apply more product, whereas some may apply a lot less. It tends to differ from one bearded fellow to another. As there really is no correct or incorrect way of doing things. After all nobody knows your beard better than you do, so find a system that works for you and stick with it.

All of the mentioned above 'The Beard Struggle' ('TBS') premium beard care products ship worldwide, and are readily available in our exclusive online store.

Well, that wraps up for another beard blog for today my friends. As always let us know your thoughts, tips and any suggestions you may have in the comments section you'll find below the article.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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