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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Ask someone to close their eyes and describe to you a 'manly man', the chances are they will begin to say things such as 'tall' 'muscular', 'tattooed and bearded.'

Facial hair popularity is constantly on the increase with showing little to no signs of ever slowing. Everyone is warming to a gentleman with a tidy well kept beard. Even Grandmas are starting to rate them, and we all know Grandparents are profound for being heavily disapproving of such things.

Imagine my thoughts when I read today's beardy related news to discover that our facial hair is being dragged through the mud once again, this time another study suggesting our furry faces are full of nasty bacteria that have the potential to be harmful to humans. So much so it has sparked concern amongst hospitals around the country.

These findings were first highlighted in a study published in the Orthopedics Medical Journal from last year, with claims facial hair has the potential to carry 5X more bacteria in comparison to a shaven face. The bacteria called 'staph' is what has caused the hospital's the most concern.

The report goes on to suggest - ''In the past they never worried about beards. Your hair has always been covered [during surgery] but no one ever thought about facial hair.'' Although this looks like it is about to change following these findings.

Bacteria can be found in various places of the human body, and often sits dormant on the surface of the skin, beard or no beard. Apparently our face whiskers prove the perfect hiding place for such bacterial nasties that might be found human skin.

But when all's said and done it just simply boils down to maintaining a good balance of personal hygiene, as beards are not the only culprit as to where bacterias can be found lurking beneath the surface.

For example, if a person, be it male or female chooses to leave the hair upon their head to grow out unattended and unwashed it would soon become filth ridden and infested with all kinds of potentially harmful bacteria. Thankfully humans have as a species evolved to be well groomed, clean beings, who love a good morning shower with our favourite body wash and sprays. Well, for the most of us that is the case anyway.

After writing this blog for over a year I have come to learn that our facial forests more often than not receive the 'shit end of the stick' so to speak. It has become an easy target to point the finger at our furry cheeks and place them blame at our door, almost like a scapegoat if you will.

When truth be told, I get the impression there's some snotty keyboard warrior who sits behind a laptop screen cursing out our furry cheeks at every given opportunity, likely because he cannot muster up anything more than a little light stubble himself whenever he tries to grow out.

It's time for the media to, at the cool kids would say ''Chillax'' a little and give us a break already. I get it, not everyone likes furry faces, but slandering my furry chin and my moustache isn't going to help your cause any. And I'm pretty sure any beardsmen would also agree with that statement too.

So, there goes Fridays beard blog to finish off a great week of content. If you have a topic suggestion you'd like to see featured in a future blog, or would just like to leave us a cheeky comment or two then please feel free to do so in the comments box you'll find directly below this post.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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