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Back to Basics – Simple Beard Care

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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Back to Basics – Simple Beard Care

You remember when you were young and everything was so simple? Everything was so easy. See, when you were young, you looked at the world a whole lot differently; didn’t you? I know I did. We knew what we wanted, and we had no biases or agendas to adhere to. We would avoid people who we disliked, and we were not afraid to tell someone how we felt.

Complication = Hesitation

Stressed Out Man

So, when did everything get so complicated? The truth is, life is still simple. The older we get the more we try to complicate things. We begin to place more emphasis on people’s feelings. We start to react differently to external influences. Then we hesitate or question our own judgement and instincts. We stumble, we fall, we get depressed, and then we punish ourselves. Why?!

De-stress and Perceive Success

Morning Ritual

I have preached to you over and over again that perception drives action. Think different – act different. The best way to do that is to start trimming things down to their fundamentals.

Remember that time you woke up and it seemed like everything seemed like if it could go wrong, it did go wrong? Of course, you do. We have all experienced it. As the day progressed how hesitant were you to accomplish more tasks?

If you want to be different - Act different. Start your day off with success and be a success

Win the Day

Start your day with a win. Get up, make your bed, get dressed, and perform your daily routines or rituals. There is a reason to why this is important. When you accomplish a task, you start to condition yourself with positive reinforcement. And as your morning progresses, you instill further satisfaction is the way your day is progressing. Then you set off on the path to want to accomplish more things.

Consistency = Success

Consistency breeds success. Do this every day for a week; even if it seems hard. Then, reflect back upon it at the end of the week. Did it instill accomplishment? Do the same thing the next week; now that is two weeks down. Before you know it, a month has passed. How accomplished do you feel now?

Basic Beard Care

The Beard Struggle Beard Care Products

The same can be said for beards. Looking at it in the mirror every day may not make you feel accomplished. That is fine. Take a picture of your progress right then and there, then store it away for safe keeping and begin your morning beard ritual. After a month or two, take a look at your progress. Do you feel successful now? I wanted to instill a feeling of success in you. However, it has to start by ritualizing your day. You want a better beard? Then you better put effort into it. I have never seen anyone get anything worthwhile, without effort.

Wake Calm – Beard Balm

By this point in your morning ritual, you have at least done something accomplished. Showered, got dressed or at least ate something. Now it is time to give your beard the food it needs. By applying the balm, it will give your beard some form. Since it is thicker than the oil, it will also take longer to break down. And if you are using The Beard Struggles products, then you also smell good as well. Now it is time for your journey of winning the day to continue at work.

Avoid Fray – Oil Midday

So, it is the middle of your day, you just got done eating lunch. How does your beard look? At this point in your day your beard may be feeling a little dry. Not to mention may be hiding a food particle or two. As such, you venture to the nearest bathroom to check it out. This would be a perfect time to apply three to five drops of oil to keep your beard looking and feeling healthy.

Resist Plight – Tonic Goodnight

The best thing you can do for your face and your beard is to keep it moist and supple. Dryness leads to flaky skin and brittle beards. And as you will like be sleeping for six to eight hours, that is a long time to go without oil in your beard. So, do yourself a favor and add three to five drops of Night Tonic to your face right before bed.

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