The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

It seems that our beards might have a rival in the mixer. No the punk mohawk hairstyle isn't making a shock comeback, or another rather strange piercing for every underage teenager to pester their parents for or anything of the sort. Think a little closer to home, as the answer could be right underneath your nose, literally. Yes, we are talking about the marvelous moustache!

It seems in recent months the ever growing 'stash' has been making its return upon many faces of men both young and old, as experts believe they could outlive the 'beard boom' proving to be equally, if not more popular than our beloved beards.

Now, whilst I do rather enjoy oogling at cool, dapper looking handlebar moustaches and nearly trimmed bushy upper lip hair, all in the name of research of course, I can see why many men are ditching their beard in place of a more classic appearance of a mustache.

Throughout my childhood it wasn't so much lumberjack style face fuzz we were greeted with upon on television screens, but instead well trimmed and somewhat tidy stashes instead. My idol as a kid was none other than WWF's (as it was then called before the panda got involved!) Hulk Hogan who had the infamous white/blonde horseshoe moustache that many of the ladies seemed to really dig back in the late 80's early 90's.

Infact, many WWF wrestlers sported similar facial hair cuts back in the day. I guess it added a whole extra layer of 'badassery' to their images which had fans of all ages supporting them more loudly and proudly than ever before.

But does this really mean the end of our beards as we know it? Well, I wouldn't panic just yet, as I very doubt much, if anything will changes anytime soon.

Yes, facial hair as a whole has been labelled a fad, a phase, a hipster move that like everything else will wash out in time, but time has proved this is not to be the case as more men than ever proudly sport a furry face more than ever before, as figures continue to rise.

I can't see why we can't 'have our cake and eat it' so the saying goes, and support both a beard and a moustache, as they do grow hand in hand I am sure you would agree.

I have tried to have maintain a fuller, bushier mustache over the years of having a furry face myself, but I find once my 'stache' reaches a certain length it becomes a roadblock for the simple things life has to offer, like drinking a cup of coffee, eating a sub sandwich or having a smooch with your loved one. By using the term 'your' I mean my wife, not your girlfriend, or even worse your Mother, or anything of the sort. Me sorry, my bad.

I don't wish to dunk my moustache into my frothy coffee with each sip I take, or take a mouthful of hair with every bite of my chosen lunch. So I tend to trim my upper lip line to help keep things nice, tidy and in working order.

Will moustaches continue to rise in popularity? You betcha! But I predict beards will to, continue to grow on for a very long time from this day forth and forever more.

As always we love to read what you guys think, so please be sure to leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section you will find ever so kindly provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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