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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello and welcome back to The Beard Struggle beard blog, possibly the 'beardiest' (is that even a word?) blog on the interwebs!

If you've become a regular reader of our content you may have read more than your fair share of beard care tips, tricks and hacks to master the perfect facial hair style and care routine.

Today I enjoyed my sons birthday with my family when a 'breaking' headline popped up on my news feed, one that instantly hit a nerve with myself, so I wanted to stand firm in my corner as we discuss today's topic, titled - Are Bearded Men Just Plain Lazy?

So, you've probably read the above header and feel slightly pissed by the title, and rightfully so. But this a recent story popped up on my timeline suggesting that many bearded men only have facial hair because they are just too lazy to shave and take better care of themselves, and this cheeses me off on so many levels. Let me explain as to why.

Firstly, suggesting that a man is simply 'too lazy to shave' is almost as poor as suggesting women who have long hair only have long hair because they are too lazy to get it cut.

Beards aren't for everybody, I get it, but to suggest laziness plays the largest part on why men have grows facial hair is just absurd.

Light stubble grows on most male faces in a matter of a day or two, and in all honesty, stubble can make you feel scruffy, itchy and isn't the most comfortable of styles to maintain.

Now, I'm not suggesting that a man with a face full of whiskers after a long weekend isn't simply embracing the freedom of 'no shave', but do you these people realize just how much time and TLC it takes to sport the perfect beard?

ANyone who suggests men are lazy, hence the beard, clearly has no experience of a good beard care routine. So, if a man was looking to be lazy and chill, growing a beard would actually produce the total opposite of an easy life. As an unkept beard will not only feel horrible, it will also loo scruffy, knotty and untidy too.

Many of us bearded fol take jolly good care of our face fur, so much so you might be a little surprised with how much time goes into the perfect grooming routine.

Here's how I choose to take care of my red beard on a daily basis -

First up, right out of the shower after washing with TBS beard wash and conditioner, I towel dry my beard, leaving it ever so slightly wet. Then I brush through to detangle any knots that might be there.

I then choose between my favourite TBS Viking balm, applying a generous amount to the palm of my hand before applying evenly throughout my beard.

I then take my TBS Viking brush and tame down and frizz, shaping my beard style as I go, then I'm ready for the day ahead.

In the late afternoon, early evening I always apply a little TBS night oil to help keep my fuzz in check, I usually only need a drop or maybe two, but this helps keep things under control. Another tip I always recommend would be to carry a handy V type flip comb at all times, as you can never be sure when a quick beard fix might be in order.

As you can imagine my beard care routine can be rather time-consuming, and in all honesty, it would be quicker and more convenient to just shave, but I would never do that now, would I?

My point about the above being, is suggesting a man is considered too lazy to shave is rather laughable considering the time it takes to grow, maintain and care for ones face fuzz.

If anything I consider a bearded man rather the opposite. The bearded fellow has to have patience in order to grow out his fuzz, as well as a whole lot of time and TLC to maintain things nicely, so please, stop with those silly headlines on your ''news'' articles.

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And until next time, Beard on Brother...

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